Melania Appears To Yank Her Hand Away From Trump Exiting The Final Presidential Debate


What was supposed to have been the third and final presidential debate aired on Thursday night between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden. Trump was generally praised for his composure during the hour and a half event because he somehow managed to refrain from yelling and shouting over his opponent like a child, and instead simply lied incessantly about everything from the coronavirus pandemic to debunked conspiracies about Biden’s son Hunter.

Twitter naturally lit up with jokes and pointed observations, but one moment, in particular, seemed to capture the attention of the internet. At the end of the debate, both Biden and Trump’s spouses joined them onstage to congratulate their husbands. However, people couldn’t help noticing that once again, Melania Trump seemed to yank her hand away from Donald as they walked offstage together.

It’s unclear exactly what transpired, but there was definitely some sort of awkward or forceful gesture that took place. Immediately after they separate, Trump places his hand on Melania’s back and seems to push her along. In either case, internet sleuths quickly jumped into the fray in an attempt to unpack the moment.

Others, including actor Billy Baldwin, had theories that Melania is getting ready to serve that no good philanderer with divorce papers as soon as he’s no longer President of the United States.

With just T-minus 11 days before the 2020 presidential election, our long national nightmare may soon be over. For Melania Trump, that may finally be freeing herself from the confines of both her marriage and her unwanted political career. Hey, at least she’ll never be forced to decorate for Christmas ever again.