Man At Brunch Restaurant Yells Slur At Black Patron, Throws Hot Coffee On Worker In Viral Video


A 30-second viral video shows a racist attacking multiple patrons in an Austin, Texas brunch restaurant, including throwing hot coffee and hitting an employee in the face with the coffee mug.

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It’s unknown when the video was first shot. It would appear that it occurred before the COVID-19 pandemic, given Texas maintained a mask mandate with limited indoor seating capacity. Nonetheless, it took off once @davenewworld_2 reposted it on Tuesday morning.

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The caption for the follow-up tweet suggested that the altercation occurred at a Snooze restaurant in Austin. 

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The brief clip starts with a white man standing at the counter arguing with a Black man. Angered, the white man throws what appears to be hot coffee at someone off-screen. A scrap ensures as other customers try to calm the man down. 

However, he gets more aggressive, shouting that the Black man had assaulted him, then seeming to yell out the N-word.

Thoroughly enraged, he eventually smashes a white employee in the face with his mug.

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“I didn’t mean to hit you that hard,” he says at the end. Some on Twitter suggested the people assaulted by the man should sue. 

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Stills were provided in a follow-up tweet, essentially calling for the identification of the racist.

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One Twitter user suggested they were entirely too nice to the racist patron.