Popular TikToker Records Creep Following Her For Three Blocks

Since March 3, there has been a worldwide discussion on women’s safety, prompted by Sarah Everard’s disappearance and, ultimately, murder.

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Everard’s remains were discovered in London on March 10 and during those seven days, people around the world speculated what happened to her and why.

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One recurring issue in the discourse surrounding her death is that many cisgender men do not believe women are literally afraid of them.

There were defensive, ‘not all men’ comments thrown out, missing the point that one in three women have been or will be subjected to some sort of violence. And while men can be victims, violence against women happens at higher rates.

A well-known TikToker is using her platform to show people an example of what female-identifying individuals go through every day.

Nina (@n.nina666) filmed herself walking at night, while being followed by a man she had never met before.

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The man starts out by asking her for directions, which she politely gives him. He then wants to know if she’s “all right” and then asked for her name.

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Umm… this isn’t going anywhere good.

She then reveals the man potentially had too many libations that night. Still, no excuse to harass anyone.

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As she walks away, he follows her across the street. Politely, she tries to brush him off and tells him to “stay safe.”

But he still won’t leave her alone.

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When he finally stopped following her, it had been three blocks.

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The post received more than two million views and 673.9K likes. And people in the comments were concerned about Nina’s safety after watching.

Basically, there was no way for Nina to know if that man was just annoying or a threat. Get it now?