“High Maintenance” TikToker Slammed for Saying Coffee And Walks Aren’t Dates

TikTok and Instagram influencer Koko Beaute has been ridiculed all over social media for what she says is acceptable for a first date.

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“I do not accept a coffee or a walk as a possible date option,” she says in her video

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kokobeaute / TikTok

She goes on to add, “First of all, I’m not a dog that needs to be walked. Second, I have a Nespresso machine at home – works fabulous [sic].”

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“We’re not doing drinks either,” she adds. “You’re going to try to get me drunk and take me back home.”

kokobeaute / TikTok

So what’s left, you may wonder? It’s dinner. Just dinner.

kokobeaute / TikTok
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She continues by giving very firm, uh, guidelines to what the dinner entails.

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“You’re going to pick me up, we’re going to come to the restaurant,” she says.

“We’re going to see your table manners, we’re going to see what you order, we’re going to see [if] you hold your chopsticks correctly.

“We’re just going to… study you a bit. Okay?”

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Cue smug smirk. Ugh.

Her rant showed up on Reddit’s Cringetopia subreddit.

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The user captioned the clip “McDonald’s it is.”

His post has nearly 40,000 votes and over 5,000 comments in just two days as other Reddit users agree with his assessment: CRINGE. Or, according to Redditors, “high maintenance cringe.”

“Cringe, Hope she never gets in a relationship,” said one person.

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Another wrote, “Seriously, just appreciate it if someone takes you on a walk, it’s nice! Just being with someone in the form of a drink or a walk is good for a first date.”

A fellow TikToker said that no, she’s not high maintenance. Instead, “it’s a lack of social awareness, lack of emotional intelligence, and lastly immaturity.”

Other TikTokers also slammed her; she responded to one:

“I mean, I understand that you guys say dinner is high maintenance, but that’s just like… what I’m used to, you know?”

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Reply to @dlink2020 let the trolls tell me what’s high maintenance #highmaintanence #highmaintanance #keepyourstandardshigh

♬ original sound – KokoBeaute

….she responded to one from a private jet with a bottle of wine. So. Yeah, okay.

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Please take a wild guess who she says has to pay?

“Where I come from, and that is Europe (Croatia), men pay for the first, second, third or whatever… like all the dates,” she declares.

kokobeaute/ TikTok
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“And I’m not going to change my mind about this. That’s how I was brought up.”

And just in case it wasn’t clear, she adds, “I could never be with a guy who makes me pay for my meal on the first date.”

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How does she respond to all the allegations of high maintenance? Surprisingly healthily.

“My first reaction is, ‘Oh my god this really hurt,” she says, while pretending to cry.

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“My second reaction is, ‘You’re obviously not the man for me, sir.”

“Ladies, never lower your standards for a man who cannot rise up to them.”

Written by Kate Hackett

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