Woman Found Out Her Boyfriend Was Cheating From His Fitbit

cheating boyfriend fitbit

Discovering that your partner is cheating on you is maybe one of the worst relationship feelings when you’re going through it. But later on, it can at least make a good story, right?

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TikToker @ladynadiaessex came away with a great tale, though I’m sure while it was happening it was the worst.

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On TikTok, it became a trend to share when you knew your relationship was “dead.” Nadia felt like it was the perfect moment to share her finding out her ex-boyfriend cheated from a Fitbit notification.

She said her boyfriend has been out the night before with friends and she decided to make him breakfast. She was in the kitchen cooking away when this happened:  

“I got a notification on my Fitbit—the Fitbit that we had synched together—that between two o’clock and three o’clock in the morning, last morning, he had burned over 500 calories,” she says.

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She didn’t need to make a part two to share what happened next.

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“I shoved that breakfast where the sun don’t shine, darling,” she concluded. That must have been messy.

This is a horrible and brutal way to find out the person you love spent the night freaking someone else, but it is kind of nice to know that sex burns so many calories. It’s also not even the first time that someone has gone viral for sharing that their significant other cheated on them and got busted by the Fitbit.

Reporter Jane Slater tweeted more or less the exact same story in late 2019:

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Cheaters have been getting caught for as long as it’s occurred to people to lie about being monogamous. All technology does is give them new, inventive ways to get busted.