17 People Share Dark Family Secrets They Learned As Adults


There’s no one better at keeping secrets from each other than family. Sometimes it’s because of uncomfortable dynamics, or the need to keep up appearances, but other times it’s just because it’s hard to figure out when the time is right to let on that things aren’t quite what they seem.

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To that end, folks on Reddit started a discussion this week surrounding what “dark family secrets” users were finally privy to once they became old enough.

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“Once you were old enough, what were the dark family secrets you were finally let in on?” asked u/Flash_Dimension recently.

While the answers swing wildly between humorous and disconcerting, they all serve as a great reminder that no matter how messed up your family might be, everyone else’s is probably pretty messed up, too.


My dad is in a cult…Kind of like a doomsday cult. They would predict the end of the world a lot and then turn around and be like “wow, your prayers stopped the apocalypse!”

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To put it shortly – my family tree, is more like a very long branch. Yes we have the genetic defects to prove it.


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My grandfather got out of serving in Vietnam by robbing pharmacies and going to jail for years.



My uncle is believed to have murdered two Australian police officers in the late 80’s.

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My parents led me to believe that my grandfather (on my mother’s side) had died due to a heart attack. A year later they revealed he actually shot himself in the head.


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Grandma’s top-secret pie crust was actually just Marie Calender’s from the grocery store, set in a fancier dish. She messed with her daughters-in-law for years over it.



The reason I had a “live-in baby sitter” when I was 5 that moved in at 2am was because my mom’s cousin killed 2 kids and we ended up harboring his daughter during the trial. He’s the only person on death row in my county.

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My aunt started the communist party in her country. It got quite large, her children fled the country, and I still don’t know what happened to her.


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My dad’s sister had a secret daughter that would have been approximately his age. She was 16 years older than him, and the family didn’t tell him until he was in college. In their small town, there is a not-zero chance he could have/did date his niece.



My dads uncle died in a boating accident with his cousins. My family let me know he was possibly drowned in the middle of the lake by his cousins because of some money issues. No one was ever prosecuted though and the family is still very close. Weird.

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