Paramedic Outed As OnlyFans Model Is Now Telling Her Side Of The Story

NY Post

23-year-old paramedic, Lauren Kwei, did an interview with the New York Post about being a paramedic as well as having an OnlyFans account to make ends meet. She revealed that she begged the publication not to publish the article. But now, she’s had the chance to take control of the narrative and tell her side of the story.

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Last week, the Post released their interview with Kwei in an article titled “NYC medic helped ‘make ends meet’ with racy OnlyFans side gig.” In the article, she says, “At the end of the day, it doesn’t affect how I treat people. What I do in my free time is my business. It has no effect on how I care for my patients. I know when I’m working, I’m a paramedic. I think I’m pretty good at my job.”

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As soon as the article was posted it was met with instant backlash with Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez replying to the tweet by the Post and said, “Leave her alone. The actual scandalous headline here is ‘Medics in the United States need two jobs to survive.”

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She also tweeted out the link of Kwei’s interview with Rolling Stone and wrote, “Sex work is work. The federal gov has done nothing to help people in months. We must pass stimulus checks, UI, small biz relief, hospital funding, etc. Keep the focus of shame there, not marginalizing people surviving a pandemic without help.”

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Now, Kwei decided to take control of the story surrounding the intimate details of her personal life and posted a long statement on Facebook.

“Let me very clear: I did not want the NYP to run this article, much less use my name,” she writes in the post, “When Dean Balsamini first “interviewed” me, he did not tell me what this was about until after I disclosed most of my background. He did not include in his article that I started crying on the phone when he did tell me what he was inquiring about.”

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She goes on to say there are more important things to worry about during a global pandemic that is claiming the lives of thousands of people a day. “I’m here to tell you that all my First Responder brothers and sisters are suffering. We need your help. We have been exhausted for months, reusing our old PPE, being refused hazard pay, and watching our fellow healthcare workers die in front of our eyes, in our ambulances.”

Kwei chose to use her platform to bring light to major issues being overshadowed by the sensationalized piece of media the Post decided to “report” on.

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Lead image: NY Post