Bride Discovers Future Mother-In-Law Plans To Wear A Wedding Dress To The Ceremony

MIL texts wedding dress

There may never have been a drama-free wedding in modern history, but some just get off to a worse start than others.

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One bride-to-be is getting a good heap of sympathy from folks online after sharing the outrageous conversation she’s been with her future mother-in-law about what is and isn’t appropriate to wear to the wedding.

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The back-and-forth was originally shared to Facebook, with the bride hoping to find some advice as to how to deal with the nasty situation. 

“My fiancé told me that his mother had chosen a dress for our wedding and that she wanted to show me,” she wrote. “Our wedding is in November of 2022 mind you, and we haven’t even started to look for dresses yet. I have absolutely no idea what to do right now. I haven’t told my fiancé yet as he is an absolute mama’s boy and don’t want to stir up any drama. What do I even say here please help me.”

She went on to attach screenshots of texts between her and her fiancé’s mother, which start out with the bride-to-be excitedly asking mom-in-law Sue about her dress — only to receive a flat, condescending response followed by a picture of…an actual wedding dress.

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The bride asked for clarification because surely Sue could not actually be planning to wear her old wedding dress to her son’s wedding, right? Wrong. 

“Do not play these games with me you skank,” Sue wrote back. “It is MY sons wedding and I am paying for over half of it. I will wear whatever f—king dress I please and if you have something to say about it…well, good luck to your family because Lord knows they are too poor to afford it.”

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After chatting with people in her Facebook group, the bride finally went ahead and talked things through with her fiancé.

He was appropriately appalled by his mother’s behavior and promised that either he would have a chat with her.

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Unfortunately, the next update featured Sue texting the bride again — and it didn’t go well.

One of Sue’s sons apparently contacted and scolded her for the way she acted towards her future daughter-in-law, but Sue didn’t feel the least bit apologetic about the whole thing.

“HOW DARE YOU DO YOU HAVE NO RESPECT?” she demanded. “We have been so gracious to accept you into our family and THIS is how you repay us?? By making our family look like horrible people to the Facebook?”

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It’s too bad that Sue can’t see her own words are what made her look bad to “the Facebook” and her own children. If you don’t want to be called out for your bad behavior, well, you have to behave rationally. 

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The bride-to-be tried one more time to reason with Sue.

She stood up for herself and put her foot down regarding both Sue’s attitude and upcoming attire while also leaving the door open for a change of heart.

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Hopefully, Sue comes around and realizes that being so rude to her son’s future wife will only push them both away. And maybe someone can also take her dress shopping in the meantime.