Mia Khalifa Says Selling Her Body On OnlyFans Is Better Than Selling It To The Army

@ziwe/TikTok, @miakhalifa/Instagram

29-year-old former adult star Mia Khalifa recently said that it is “worse” to “sell your body” on OnlyFans than it is to join the military and sell your body to the Army.

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She made the assertion in a clip from a late-night talk show, Ziwe, which is hosted by Ziwe Fumudoh. She responded to a question about selling her body on the internet.

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@ziwe / TikTok

She argued that all jobs are selling your body and the app is less harmful than “selling your body to the government” by joining the army.


i asked mia khalifa if there is a difference between the s3x w0rk industry and hollywood #fyp #miakhalifa #ziwe

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The clip was posted on TikTok and quickly raked up over 2 million views.

In the clip, Fumudoh asked: “So we have OnlyFans, and then we have the sex work industry, and then we have like actors. Is there a difference between these industries or are we all fundamentally selling our bodies in some way?”

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Khalifa responded, “Honestly, I think that selling your body, like if we are going by that definition, being in the army is worse than being on OnlyFans. You’re selling your body to the government.” 

The host then said simply, “Wow.”

The comments came quickly.

 “Mia single-handedly dismantling the concept of war,” said one person. Another user said, “She not wrong.”

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“The amount of people who only join the military for the benefits coupled with the amount the gov spends. it was never about protecting your country,” wrote in a third.

A fourth user noted: “I’ve been saying this for years… Thank you, Mia. Also…construction workers…We have all been commodified.”

@ziwe / TikTok
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In the same interview, Khalifa shared that she made significantly more money from her OnlyFans than she did in the adult entertainment industry. She does not share nudes, claiming her profile is “safe for work, but spicy”.

“Even though I will not be creating nude content, I am going to be treating this page like my Instagram without [the] terms of service,” she said when she launched the platform.

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