Woman’s Menstrual Pad Hack For Heavy Flow Days Goes Viral


For a long time, people who got periods were told how gross menstruating made them, and that they were impure and unclean and embarrassing and a whole bunch of other super nice things you’d want to hear anyone say to your mom or daughter or sister or best friend.

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Fortunately, we now live in the era of TikTok, and while there are still plenty of dudes who get grossed out by the idea of a woman (or anyone) getting a menstrual period, there are also a lot more people who are really open about the fact that, well, bodies gonna body. And there are things you can do to make life easier when you have a body that does things like bleed for five to seven days out of every twenty-eight (give or take).

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Enter: Alice Williams, founder of Ovira. Ms. Williams founded Ovira to help people with periods suffer less; Ms. Williams herself lives with endometriosis, a uterine disorder that can be incredibly painful and can also negatively impact various other aspects of a person’s health.

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Ms. Williams uses her TikTok to share educational materials and other information about menstruation. Recently, she shared a video to help women who suffer from heavy periods and can’t use tampons or cups or discs (or anything else that has to be inserted), but rather can only use pads and may suffer from the inconvenience and embarrassment of leakage.

And this period-pad hack is, indeed, super helpful for anyone who may need it:

In the video, Ms. Williams explains, place a pad as you normally would, vertically, into your underpants. Once it’s positioned and appropriately affixed, take a second pad, and place it horizontally, perpendicular across the pad at the back of your panties, where your butt goes. This second pad reduces the risk of leakage because it absorbs more blood.

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The video quickly went viral, racking up 1.5 million likes on TikTok.

And for good reason: as Ms. Williams and many other TikTokers have attested, women with endometriosis and other conditions that cause very heavy periods have difficulty positioning their pads—no matter how they contort themselves, no matter how hard they try or how carefully they focus on it—so that all of their menstrual blood is absorbed.

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Not only do they have intense pain and other forms of discomfort during their periods, but they have to tense up and constantly worry about a stain appearing on their outer clothing. That kind of stress is something no one needs! And, thanks to women finally being allowed to talk about their bodies as simply normal bodies that do normal things, now so many fewer people will have to experience that kind of pain, stress, and embarrassment.