20 Male Fashion Trends Women Can’t Stand

mens fashion trends

Fashion trends come and go but there are some that you just can’t escape. There are trends from ‘90s that are officially making comebacks right now, and new ones are popping up every single day. But just because something is trendy, doesn’t mean you should try it for yourself. Not everything works for everyone, and that’s fine.

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In a recent Reddit thread, women are chiming in to share the popular male fashion trends that they just can’t stand.

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The answers cover everything from super-low fades to socks and slides, and there are even some mentions of peso ‘staches and teeny-weeny shorts.

Here are 20 fashion trends women think men should just stop wearing.

1. Saggy pants

Saggy pants, pull your f–king pants up no one wants to see your nasty a– underwear.

It’s not hot, it’s not cool, it makes you look like a total f–king idiot.


2. “Pedo mustache”

The little pedo mustache.

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3. Well, all mustaches

Mustaches in general. It makes me want to hide the children.


4. Teeny-weeny shorts

The little tight pink shorts with sandals or boat shoes. Looks frat-ish and expensive/tacky.


5. Also, beards.

Even worse—patchy and unkempt. I get it, beards are trendy and it’s easier to not shave than shave every day. But if your beard is patchy, regardless of any double chin/acne scars you’re trying to cover, you’ll look better without it!

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6. Long hair, don’t care

Long hair that is not taken care of.

No, you can’t just not get your hair cut for 3 years and have healthy hair. Yes, you do need to WASH IT and use SEPARATE CONDITIONER for healthy hair!

If you’re going to do long hair, actually take care of it ffs!


7. Mullets

I thought it was mostly a teen trend but I’m starting to see more guys my age wear them and I can’t think of a single mullet that looks good.


8. Rat tails

[Mullet’s] awful sidekick “The Rat Tail”. Gawd South Florida in the late 80’s was a giant male fashion fail.

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9. Papa Smurf vibes

Hats and or beanies placed on top of head like almost floating. BLEH.


10. Skinny jeans

Hmm…not sure if this fits but I would say super skinny jeans. Of course some people may like the trend or prefer to wear that style. I don’t know why but it looks so constricting and painful lol.


11. No socks with dress shoes

The short pants with no socks in their dress shoes. I just can’t.

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12. Camouflage

Camouflage clothing as casual wear. Look if you’re not fighting for freedoms or hunting our next meal, take that garbage off.


13. Broccoli haircut

The weird broccoli haircut teenagers have now.


14. Too much manscaping

Think meticulously sculpted hair, beards and/or eyebrows.

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15. Fanny packs!

This might not be male specific but the Fanny pack across the chest. I think it looks ridiculous.


16. All pointy shoes

Even pointy cowboy boots are dumb. We call them “roach killers” in Texas because the toes are so pointy you can chase roaches into a corner if a room & kill them with your boot tips.


17. “TikTok boy” accessories

The classic “TikTok boy” dangly cross earrings. None of the people who own those actually wear them for the cross. Annoying and tacky.

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18. Loose-fitting shorts

I HATE when a dude walks around in those loose AF basketball shorts or those loose af gray sweats. Makes me hella uncomfortable tbh.


19. Socks and slides

I absolutely hate socks with slides/ sandals, but actually i think girls & guys both do it. Especially black socks, im irrationally anti-black-socks.


20. Shaved side haircut…

I HATE IT SO MUCH. I’ll swipe left on dating apps if they have that haircut, I think it’s so ugly. They look like pidgeotto from Pokémon.