Makeup Artist Charges Woman $500 Instead Of $150 After Finding Out She’s A Bride, Asks If They’re A Jerk


Getting your makeup done professionally on your wedding day can be a nice splurge. Of course, there are levels — you can get a full face with super staying power or a basic face that’s still nice but won’t set you back a ton of money.

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makeup artist charges bride more
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One Redditor who is a makeup artist was requested to do a party makeup look for a woman, but when the makeup artist showed up, the woman told her she was getting married. The artist charged bridal fees for party makeup — and in the process, made it look like she was a scammer.

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“I am a makeup artist for the past 9 years. I charge $500 for bridal makeup, around 250 for bridesmaid etc makeup but for regular party makeup I charge around $150,” the OP writes.

“So a few weeks ago a lady had booked me for a party makeup on June 25th. She booked at 10am. I went there thinking I’d do a regular party makeup. I had agreed $150 with her. As I was there, there were some people coming over. I assume relatives. At some point it slips from a woman about the wedding and I realise the woman I’m doing the makeup on is the bride. I’m doing a bridal makeup charging for simple party makeup.”

“I was completely pissed how she lied about the occasion, but I kept doing my job. After we were finished. She gave me $150 and I notified her we are actually $350 short. She asked what I meant by that and I said that I did a bridal makeup. You’re the bride. That’s what I charge for brides. She said we had agreed on a simple party makeup and that I am basically ripping her off because I worked the same amount of time and used the same products as I’d use in a bridal makeup so the title of the event shouldn’t matter. I told her she doesn’t get to dictate how I form my prices. She then refused to pay me at all and called me a scammer and told me to get out. Before I left her mom threw $200 on my face and told me to get lost.”

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“I was telling what happened to my friends and they all sided with the bride and said that unless I used more expensive products and I did extra labor then I’m not justified in charging her more and since she requested party makeup I should just charge her that. AITA?”

What do Redditors think?

“She did not ask for bridal treatment and didn’t do a makeup test run. You used the same products you would use on a simple party makeup and attempted to upcharge her $350 for what exactly? Just because she’s the bride and you want to squeeze more money out of her? If you used different products or it took way longer then sure I could see the upcharge. But you didn’t and it didn’t so yes YTA,” said


“I’m still trying to do the mental gymnastics in my head to how OP justifies $500 for ‘bridal.’ I had my make up done recently for my wedding and it was a standard $120 per person and everyone, including me, had the same product and amount of time spent On them. OP is a standard con artist that see’s weddings as a cash cow,” said

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“I’ve been doing hair for 10 years and I completely disagree with how the OP handled this situation, if someone schedules me for a blowout/curls and then tells me during the appointment they are getting married that day I’m definitely not going to upcharge them just because of that. I can understand if there are trials or run through, different products or advanced techniques but it doesn’t sound to me like there was in this case. Besides being rude it’s a terrible way to run your business, that bride is going to tell everyone she meets how poorly she was treated, and rightly so. OP, YTA,” shared


“She demanded a party make up, she got a party make up. How she is dress or where she wears the make-up, why do OP care? Oh yeah, greed! If OP get booked for a bridal make-up and the person shows up in a party dress, does she just need to pay 150 bucks? YTA You made a party make up without saying a word and then demanded 350 bucks more. Just no. I hope they warn people about you on every platform,” said