How To Tell Who’s Looking At You On Zoom

Whether you’re a student attending classes or a worker attending meetings, you’ve come to know Zoom and maybe even hate Zoom a little bit. But thanks to TikToker Adelaide Burrows and her roommate, they’ve come up with a little something to make Zoom better.

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(And it might also help you determine who's looking at you on Zoom ... in a good way.)

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The video starts with Adelaide introducing her roommate.


you guys gotta try it out and let us know what you find #zoom #student #roommates

♬ original sound - Adelaide Burrows
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"So my roommate has a theory for finding your crush on Zoom," she says. "Go ahead."

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Then, her roommate dives in. "So you know if you're in public and you see someone yawn, then you have to yawn. But on Zoom, you can't see if anyone's looking at you, because we're all looking at screens."

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"So, if you yawn and then someone else yawns, that means they were looking at you!" she went on to observe. Adelaide was in immediate agreement of that as evidence for who's looking at you on Zoom.

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"We've all done it," Adelaide reasoned. "But you can see what cute boys are looking at us, and then you know it works."

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It might be a theory to test out the next time you're on Zoom ... assuming everyone's got their cameras turned on, of course.