Hooters Employees Protest New Revealing Uniform Shorts That Are ‘Like Underwear’

Hooters is known for their revealing outfits, but more famously for showing off the boobies of their young attractive waitstaff. While employees know that’s part of the job when they sign up, many of the employees started protesting when the franchise suddenly cut their short-shorts even shorter. Servers once wore something like a boy cut short, but the new uniform resembles underwear. Revealing underwear.

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The workers have been posting a lot about the uniform change on TikTok and unsurprisingly, lots of awful dudes have bad opinions about it. Some are saying the girls can get another job (so easy to do!) or that they should have expected objectification when they signed up at Hooters. But the women already working a Hooters agreed to a certain uniform and this is a real switcheroo.

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The restaurant chain has faced lots of criticism for their entire objectification theme, and they seem to be losing some cultural relevancy. So, this shorts adjustment seems like a last grab for the real creeps who love getting horny while eating wings in public.

love my job but dont love wearing undies to work ☠️ #hootersgirl @Kirsten 🙂

♬ Jenna_Did_it – Chy
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Insider reports that Hooters has been sued a number of times for things like weight discrimination because being 132 lbs was too heavy. Another staffer was given $250,00 in a racial discrimination suit because she was told that “Hooters prohibits African-American Hooters Girls from wearing blond highlights in their hair,” and they settled a class-action lawsuit in 1997 for gender-based discrimination—and yes, they can still get away with only hiring women.

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“The ‘Original’ Hooters Restaurants located throughout Tampa Bay, Chicagoland, and Manhattan … will not be changing their iconic uniform of orange shorts and white uniform tops that has made the brand universally famous,” NBC News was told in a statement, saying the new shorts were just being rolled out in Texas.

Pushing back seems to have worked for some employees uncomfortable with the change:

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couldn’t have done it without all of you ❤️ #hootersgirl

♬ sonido original – DIABLO_FFツ

We should all push back on employers more. Today they come for your shorts, who knows what they’ll want tomorrow?