Health Inspector’s Tips For Avoiding Gnarly Restaurants Goes Viral On TikTok

An Australian health inspector is going viral, thanks to her honest advice on the restaurant industry.

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Last month, TikTok user @7semykittens received more than 10 million views. The reason?Naming and shaming restaurants.

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Using TikTok’s stitch feature, the video begins with another user asking the one restaurant people will never eat at.

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Here’s where our health inspector hero jumps in to save the day. She doesn’t name a restaurant. Oh no.

She shows you how to find the worst of the worst, so you can be sure to avoid them. Here’s how she does it.

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In the video, our friendly health inspector explains how she inspects every place that sells food. Any time a business fails an inspection, they receive a penalty notice by the inspector.

What many members of the public don’t know is they can look up these penalizations online.

Australians can easily look up a business by going to the Food Authority website.

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Scroll down and click on “Register of penalty notices.”

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By doing so, you can see all businesses that have received penalty notices or search for a particular business.

She wraps up the video by saying health inspectors do not penalize lightly, so when you see a business that has been penalized, take that very seriously.