Girl Confronts Old Men Taking Secret Pictures Of Women On The Beach


Even though the Internet is absolutely awash in nudes and pornography, some guys just won’t be satisfied until they’ve violated someone’s boundaries. That’s why there is so much space dedicated to the “creep shot.”

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A creep shot is when someone photographs someone else with sexual intent and without their knowledge or consent. And it sure is creepy, as the name implies. The only problem for the photographer is when someone notices.

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I think most women have probably noticed some pervert taking her picture at some point, but the woman in this video posted on Reddit’s r/PublicFreakout by u/luvpeachy shows what happens when she decides to do something about it. The video starts with a girl’s voice behind the camera as she confronts two men seated under an umbrella, saying she knows they were taking women’s pictures, including hers. They, in turn, smile awkwardly at her.

Here’s contestant number one, the man with the camera phone:

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And here’s contestant number two, the man with a perpetual grimace:

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When she says she saw them taking pictures, she demands they delete them immediately, and makes him show her that he is doing so:

She then asks to see hers, yelling, “Where’s mine?”

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The man insists he didn’t take her photo, but she doesn’t believe him. The video eventually ends with her saying these perverts are in Fort Meyers, Florida, if anyone knows them:

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The comments are full of people saying that it is “technically legal” to take someone’s photo on the beach, which is certainly true. People can record and take photos of you in public. But it’s absurd to say that the technical legality of an act determines the morality of it.

Taking a photo of someone in a bikini so you can fap to it later won’t send you to jail, but it’s obviously a violation. If you have to be sneaky, or wouldn’t admit to doing this in polite company, you know it’s wrong.

Unfortunately, it’s also the violation part that these guys get off on. So having a camera stuck in their face and getting exposed to the world seems like a fitting punishment…unless they just get off on that even more. You really can’t win with perverts.