Women Are Sharing First Date Turn-Offs And Horror Stories (20 Posts)


Picture this: You’ve met an amazing person and during your brief interaction, things are almost perfect. They are attractive, you have a lot in common, and you genuinely enjoy talking to them. Eventually, you decide to ask them out on your first real date. The day finally comes, you’ve picked out your best outfit and spent way too much time on your hair, but then something awful happens.

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In a recent Reddit thread, women are discussing this exact scenario by answering the question: “What is something your date did (on the first date) that was a huge turn-off?”

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The answers range from hilarious to downright horrible. Some women say they’ve been turned off by men who couldn’t stop talking about high school. Other women hated that their dates just wouldn’t stop complaining.

Here are 20 things that are huge turn-offs, according to the women of Reddit.

1. “I guess your appetite isn’t as big as your tits.”

I didn’t finish my dinner and asked for a to go box, he proceeded to comment “I guess your appetite isn’t as big as your tits”. I walked out immediately.


2. Unbelievable

Once I asked for a to-go box and he said “No way girl, I’m paying, you’re eating all of it.” And he was 100% serious.

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3. Fraternity hazing achievements

I had a dude regale me with a tale of his most triumphant fraternity hazing achievement where he made a pledge literally sh-t himself in fear and then have to walk miles home alone in the cold in his soiled pants. For context, we were both in our late 40s at the time he was telling me this story. So, for his whole life up to this point, this is the best first date story in his repertoire to tell.


4. Disturbing

Omg! Not the same, but similarly, I had a guy brag about beating captives into submission when he was in the army. I’m 90% certain he was full of it, but the fact that he thought that was good first date conversation was horrifying!


5. He complained…a lot.

Complained. Complained about our booking, complained about his room at the hotel (we were long distance so he booked a room for the night so he didn’t have to drive home and could drink) complained about the food, complained about the service to the waitress, upset the waitress. Tried complaining to the bar manager who happened to be a friend of mine from college.

Against my better judgement, I kept dating him. He kept complaining. Eventually I broke up with him, he complained about that too.

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6. He was rude

Called me a fat whale for eating popcorn on our cinema date – “that’s why you’ll never look like Kate Hudson in a bikini”. It’s f–king popcorn, it’s like eating air.


7. Presumptuous

Ordered for me without asking what I wanted and proceeded to say I wouldn’t need to make decisions when I was with him. I deleted tinder for a bit after that.


8. Clearly, he cared more about what the waiter thought…

I offered to split dinner before we headed to the restaurant, he said “omg I am so glad you offered! I promise to pay the next time we go out if this goes well.”

As we were finishing dinner, I said to the waiter that we’d like two separate checks, he then immediately says to the waiter “I offered to pay for her but she wouldn’t let me no matter what.”

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9. Don’t snap yo’ fingers

Snapped his fingers at the waitress as she walked by and said to me “I’m not tipping this b-tch.” (he needed a refill.)

I handed her a 20$ in front of him and left. He didn’t even try to reach out to me afterwards. Not sure what went through his head when he did that.


10. He took it out…

I had one take out his d-ck and start jerking off in my car. We hadn’t even kissed. He acted surprised when I kicked him out of the car. If I had been in his car and not driving and in public I would have been terrified.


11. Women can’t, but men can

Said that women shouldn’t have sex before marriage but men can.

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12. Baby voice

Talked in a baby voice.


13. Negging

He tried negging me. He said I have an awful laugh.

He asked how tall I was and I told him 5’7”. He said no I’m not, I’m 5’6”, and implied I was lying about my height. I told him I don’t give a fuck about my height and don’t see 5’7” as being better than 5’6”, so why would I lie? Throughout the night he would just randomly remind me I wasn’t 5’7”. It was so annoying because 1) I know my height, and 2) it’s insulting to accuse me of lying to impress him because that implies I think he’s somebody superior enough to want to impress, like I’m the one trying to win him over. He did not get a second date.


14. Braggart

We were supposed to go on a walk, and 30 seconds after walking, he said it was too hot and we could just sit in the car and talk. Me being the person I am, agreed. He asked which one of ours we should go to, and after I pointed out which car was mine, he made a disgusted look and said his was better. He proceeded to brag about his brand new car, brand new phone, and brand new watch.

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15. Was she even there?

Oh another one! Took me to a restaurant where he knew every single person who worked there. The entire time, he completely ignored me and joked with all his buddies and flirted with the bartender. Why was I even there? Why even ask me out? I ended up leaving and shortly afterward, he texted me asking for a picture of my feet.


16. Never assume, dude

Assume that I would have sex with him after he paid for dinner.


17. Hello, Jane!

Used my name in the third person constantly during the meal. Assume my name is Jane. What would Jane like to eat? How’s Jane’s week been? What does Jane like to do in her spare time? Etc Wtaf I couldn’t deal. I pointed it out, he couldn’t stop. No second date.

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18. She didn’t like the implication.

Being told “I am a virgin so don’t try anything on me”. The issue wasn’t that he was a virgin. I was one as well. I just didn’t like the implication.

Like I was lying in wait to deflower him.

There wasn’t a date two.


19. Long hair?

Wouldn’t stop pushing me to think about growing out my hair.


20. Racist comments

Made a racist comment about another customer in the pub. I excused myself to the toilet and pretended I’d received an emergency phone call off my mum whilst I was there so I could leave.