Women Are Sharing Red Flags They Look Out For When Making Female Friends (15 Red Flags)

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The older you get, the harder it can be to make friends. You no longer hang out with people based on what classes you take or who lives in your neighborhood. You can be pickier. But that means you have to be more careful of toxic people.

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Women on Reddit are sharing the red flags they see when making female friends.

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And honestly, these are just red flags for all people, regardless of gender. No one wants to be in a one-sided friendship with a person who is critical of everything and tries to sell you whatever face cream is the latest product in their MLM gig. And you definitely don’t want to be friends with someone who can’t respect your boundaries.

1. Being Fake

“Any sort of fakeness or being two-faced; comments about other peoples looks/outfits, etc.; talking about themselves a lot.” — yskondr

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2. Look For Green Flags Instead

“I don’t make friends easily so I stopped looking for red flags (we all have them whether you want to admit it or not) and started looking for green flags. Ok this girl seems to avoid drama- check. Can hold a decent conversation- check. Enjoys similar hobbies/we can do a common activity together- check. If you look for the bad you’ll find the bad, try to look for the good instead.” — whoops-1771

3. You’re Not A Therapist

“Someone who uses me as her personal therapist.” — StolenKissesxox

4. They Can’t Be Happy For You

“Usually when they can’t be happy for your accomplishments.” — mullerel

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5. Cheaters

“If they are knowingly the mistress to a married man. If they could do that to one woman, they could do it to me and I wouldn’t trust her around my man.” — Mystique111Divine

6. A “Pick Me” Attitude

“‘I’m not like other girls’ or a ‘pick me’ attitude These things aren’t awful and I know people can get over them, I just don’t want to be there when they struggle with it.” — bee-sting

7. The Center Of Attention

“Someone that needs to be the center of attention all the time.” — Janetceferina

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8. Hurtful Comments

“If they LOVE to tell you things they know will hurt you in some way, (although their excuse is that you’re better off knowing, and that they just care about you!) I don’t ‘NEED’ to know which of my coworkers said something about me behind my back, Hannah!” — Humdedummy

9. Very Into Social Media

“Constantly flexing for social media. They might be a lovely person but I doubt we’d vibe.” — Connie_Damico

10. Passive Aggressiveness

“Passive aggressiveness. I absolutely hate it. If something’s upsetting you please just say it. If you can’t word things it in an honest but polite way than just stay quiet. This isn’t the Da Vinci code, I don’t have to time decipher what you’re really trying to tell me.” — No_Ad945

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11. No Boundaries

“Someone who doesn’t seem to respect other people’s boundaries and has no filter.” — purple_pansy88

12. Complainers

“Not necessarily gender specific, but I try to steer clear of those who create their own problems or complain too much. I had a work ‘friend’ who I didn’t realize was sapping my strength with her constant complaining until she left, sometimes it just is what it is! Every job is going to have some negative aspect or bad day.” — bcoftheimplication7

13. MLM

“If within the first initial period of getting to know each other if they start trying to draw me into their MLM/Pyramid scheme. No I don’t want to join advocare, Herbalife, Mary Kay or any of those other scams. Or if they start enthusing about their religion and how great it is.” — Armored_Butterfly

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14. Toxic Positivity

“I’ll also add when a woman won’t let you have feelings or encourages you to repress them so you can get back to ‘having fun’ or ‘living life.’ Problems are real, feelings are real, and true friends let you talk about what’s bothering you instead of making you feel like an inconvenience for ‘bringing down the vibe.’ To hell with toxic positivity, you’re supposed to support your friends in times of need.” — NerdyGirl614

15. Jealous

“The slightest sign of envy/jealousy. I feel like it’s the root of many problems, whether someone is envious of material things or the attention being on someone other than them. To me it’s a sign of deeper issues – the person is not happy with who they are and that will always cause drama somewhere down the line.” — Lilaaaaa

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