Christian “Karen” Slut-Shames Fully Clothed “Seductress” For “Being Naked”

A video getting attention on Reddit shows a Christian Karen attempting to slut-shame a young woman she believes to be naked, though the full video reveals just how not naked she really was.

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The video was posted to the r/PublicFreakout subreddit on Reddit, with the poster headlining it, “Look at what the girl she’s yelling at is wearing at the end (not that this Karen‘s behavior is justified either way, but when you see what she’s wearing it’s even more surprising).”

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The video appears to be from the @mrs.kristinagarcia TikTok account and chronicles an encounter happening with the TikToker and her passenger parked next to the Karen, who also has someone riding shotgun. It starts with the Karen showing the TikToker a handwritten “God Hates Sin” sign through her van window.

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The Daily Dot, in its reporting, said that the video “apparently got removed for violating TikTok’s anti-bullying policy but was re-uploaded on April 11, and has since earned more than 2.2 million views.” (It is, however, back off the platform.)

It starts with the Karen accusing the TikToker of walking through the parking lot naked. (Begging the question, “Who would do that?” Especially since it looks like the video’s being recorded at a gas station.)

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“Sinner!” exclaims the Karen. “Who walks through the parking lot naked? Who does that?”

The TikToker replies, “Oh my gosh, I met my first Karen!”

But the Karen decides to ratchet it up a notch, declaring, “You’re a seductress. In the Bible they call you a whore, Jezebel,” she says. “You’ve got to repent. That is so dirty. You’re swinging your stuff around, waiting for people to crash so they can watch you. That’s disgusting.”

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Reply to @delirium669 pretty much. Some people didn’t get to see it bcuz it got taken down for bullying?

♬ original sound – Kristina Garcia

The passenger in the TikToker’s car attempts to say something, but is overrun by the Karen asking, “How much is your hymen worth?”

She continues on in that vein, adding, “You look so sexy going to hell. Way to go,” before the passenger determines she’s had enough. (Meanwhile, the Karen’s passenger has procured a phone, presumably to document the licentiousness happening in the TikToker’s car.)

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“You don’t think you’re going to hell for judging other people?” the passenger asks.

The Karen responds with, “Are you judging my judgment, you hypocrite?”

That leads to perhaps the most quotable line in the exchange: “Yeah, I’m judging your judgment, bitch!”

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After a bit more back-and-forth, the Karen rolls up her van window, and the TikToker reveals the clothing in question. As the note superimposed on the video indicates, which reads, “So this is ’cause your clothes are skin-colored,” it’s a long-sleeved tan top with matching pants. Sure, it might be a flesh tone, but it is definitely not flesh.