20 Celebrities People Think Are Faking Their Personalities

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So a few years ago, I was approached by a fan of a show I wrote & starred in. It was completely unexpected, in a place I wasn’t prepared to meet anyone, and my reaction was… terrible? This poor, sweet person asked if I was me, I said “yes?” in a sort of off-putting way, and he said, “I love your show”. Still confused, I said “um. Okay thanks.”

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AWFUL. I’m forever shamed.

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Anyway — all that to say, gosh, I don’t know how to take this list. Being in the public eye is WEIRD and sometimes you’re just not up for a random hello (especially being an introvert). Make of that what you will as we peruse u/0belisktheT‘s question:

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“Which celebrities do you think are faking their whole personality?”

Please remember that these are not MY opinions and they certainly are not vetted. These are just thoughts people have!

1. James Corden

James Corden, you can’t convince me that guy isn’t an asshole


2. Country stars

The vast majority of country music stars are not “country” in any sense of the word. Most came from rich families.

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3. Paris

Paris Hilton, she’s not nearly as air headed as she pretends to be


4. Jared Leto

Jared Leto. I used to be a huge fan of his band (30 Seconds to Mars) back in the day. He seemed pretty genuine and passionate about art and activism, based on old interviews I had seen. As time has gone on, he seems really self-serving and egotistic, like he sees himself as some profound artist who is changing the world.


5. Rich Rednecks

Kid Rock and Larry the Cable Guy are pretending to be white trash hillbillies when they are actually rich rednecks.

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6. Marilyn Monroe

She acted like a ditzy blond but behind the scenes she was hella smart and something of a literary buff (one reason she was attracted to Arthur Miller).


7. Heavy Metal

Almost all heavy metal rockers are anything but moody devil worshipers. It’s always been hilarious to me that in reality, Alice Cooper is a soft-spoken Christian.


8. Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon laughs like he has a sniper pointed at him at all times set to fire when he doesn’t laugh dramatically

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9. Ellen

I always thought Ellen was faking it. There was something about her eyes that gave it away.

When the news broke about how terrible she was, I felt vindicated.


10. DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled. I really struggle to believe that someone so stupid can have such a huge amount of success.. I keep expecting to find out that he’s an amazing comic mind and super intelligent and has just been punking us all this whole time with a character he’s been playing.


11. Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart. If you watch that documentary about him, you see the mask slip a little when he loses the “everybody’s BFF” persona for a minute and is a REAL scumbag to one of his boys going on a completely unprovoked tirade about how “without ME, you’re NOTHING”.

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12. Julia Roberts

I feel like Julia Roberts is portrayed as America’s Sweetheart but is reportedly a nightmare of a person.

but I read that on the internet soooo


13. Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay…. I curse worse when I run a kitchen and it’s all an act… he’s retained like 85% of his staff for more than 15 years I’ve read… if he was really an a-hole they’d leave


14. Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch. He carefully avoids having any discerning personality, and we know next to nothing about him.

Takes talent. Good on you, BC

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15. Julie Andrews — the ultimate badass.

Julie Andrews aka Merry Mary Poppins. A family member worked with her very closely on a few productions. She’s tough as nails, way smarter than she leads on, and has the mouth of a truck driver.


16. Ariana Grande

She’s just playing a characters in public I bet she’s not even slightly the same person at home.


17. Drake

Drake. That guy is such a cheeseball.

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18. Jake Gyllenhaal

I think he’s just anxious. He’s said as much in interviews and places. He kinda fakes being suave at events, but everyone does (just more convincingly). He seems cool.


19. Bill Belichick

New England Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick. I think he was attacked in the media so viciously at his first head coaching job that he decided to just stonewall them for the next thirty years.


20. Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato. I believed it after their overdose but the second documentary promoting an album, coming out as NB, the selective outrage…it just feels like they are desperate to stay in the headlines and stay relevant. They have such a stunningly beautiful voice and is so talented! I wish they felt like they could just relax and be themself. I used to really like them but now I just feel sad for them.

*side note: it is not my place to question their sexuality or gender identity. I fully support a persons right to be who they are. I just think the timing was weird, but again, they owe me and no one else an explanation.


Written by Kate Hackett

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