Britney Spears Responds To “Haters” Commenting On Her Missing Neck Tattoo In Instagram Photo

Where there is Britney, it seems, there are Truthers.

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Britney Spears recently posted a photo of her back on Instagram and pretty quickly sent the conspiracy theorist into a tizzy.

@britneyspears / Instagram
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She popped back onto Instagram to shoot all the speculations down.

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“Ok so … I edited out my tattoo on my neck cause I wanted to see what it would look like clean ????????‍♀️????????‍♀️????????‍♀️ … and yeah I like it better so while you guys are talking behind my back go ahead and kiss my ass haters ???????? !!!!!!” she said.

Britney has also spoken out a few other times on social media recently. She critiqued the paparazzi for editing her bikini photos.

“I know my body is not perfect but I definitely do NOT look like how they portray me. It’s rude and it’s mean so paps kindly FUCK YOU AND FUCK OFF ???????????? !!!!” she scolded.

It’s not really known if Britney runs her own social media accounts, especially as we hear more and more about how her life is controlled by her conservatorship.

Many followers, in fact, do not think the reply to the tattoo edit was actually her. Ayrtonc5 wrote, “Britney is never this rude.” Itsjustcristi pointed out, “But a few weeks ago you said it was your favorite tattoo that we never get to see? Ummmm.” And, of course, the hidden conspiracy messages popped up again: “She’s confirming she used to edit her pics (the hidden messages in them) we heard you britney and were fighting for you!!” wrote nailz_by_dev.

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Ronan Farrow and Jia Tolentino revealed in a New Yorker piece that Britney does generally write her own posts and then gives them to CrowdSurf, a company paid to handle her social media. Farrow and Tolentino reported that a member of Britney’s team said that other than “about one per cent” of posts that could incur liability, she has “pretty much total control” over the posts.

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