Woman “Disguises” Tampon Box After Male Colleague Complains It’s “Disgusting”


There are always a few Reddit gems on the sub r/MaliciousCompliance. That’s where people go to share stories about times when they followed the technical rules while violating the spirit of them. This one from Redditor DrMedBay is perfect because it actually includes visual “proof” that the story is true. It also involves a bone-headed man and a boss getting in trouble with HR. It’s got everything.

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DrMedBay says they work in healthcare in a busy job where “every minute counts” so they leave their locker unlocked, and have a box of tampons inside.

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They told their menstruating co-workers that they’re welcome to dip into her stash if it’s ever necessary, and didn’t think too much about it. until this happened:

I got called into my boss’s office the other day because a male coworker of mine complained that me keeping tampons in my locker was “disgusting” and he hated that he could see the box whenever my locker was opened. My boss (a male) told me that some men were really sensitive to “this type of thing” and that I should try hiding them in a different type of box so I wouldn’t offend my coworkers.

I asked what the point was because my coworkers would see someone reaching into a “crackers/pop tarts, etc” box and taking out a tampon instead of food anyway. My boss got all huffy and told me that it was for the best and I needed to do it.

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Yes, of course the people afraid of tampons are completely illogical about the whole situation. Menstruation is both normal and frequent, an unused tampon looks no more offensive than a thick straw, and if you have a problem… don’t look?? The whole thing would have enraged me, but the OP decided to get creative.

“I made a cover for my tampon box that said ‘Mother Earth’s Bloody Nutrients Bars: with extra gooey, nutritious filling!’ with a photo of a bloody bathtub and placed it on the box,” they wrote, and provided a photo:

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She says that she caught the male colleague who originally complained sneaking a peek in her locker at the new box, so he must like scratching that outrage itch. Soon after, she received an email from her boss saying the cover “wasn’t funny” and she needs to change it:

So I emailed our HR person a copy of the email as well as a summary of what happened and photos of the lockers, the box, and the cover. I also suggested that the male coworker sit somewhere where he didn’t have a direct line of sight to my locker if it really offended him so much. She thought it was freaking hilarious and said I “followed my supervisor’s instructions” and so I was fine.

Since then, she says her co-worker was moved to a different shift and her boss has been avoiding her. But I really think it was worth it. And DrMedBay told Bored Panda in an interview that most of her colleagues are awesome, and the rest of them have been very supportive over the “tampon incident.”

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“One coworker of mine even gave a character reference in front of the committee board for me and it means so much to me,” she said. The committee board was investigating a new petition to supply feminine hygiene products in the staff bathrooms, and it got passed.

Being petty pays, people.