Boob Sweat, Body Hair, And Other Things Women Get Irrationally Shamed For

Women have to deal with all sorts of B.S. men don’t—periods, getting paid less, BRAS—I mean, come on. (Also, why are we the only ones who have to literally birth new humans? Seems unfair!) On top of all that, women are routinely subjected to beauty and domestic standards that are utterly bizarre when you think about them, and all to live up to an impossible ideal of being a “real” woman.

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The ladies of the internet are airing all their grievances about the ridiculous standards the patriarchy put on women long ago. Reddit user u/PetitPied21 asked:

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“What are normal things you’ve been shamed for because you’re a woman?”

And the girls are really throwing it all out there.

Here are the top 13 posts about ridiculous things woman have been shamed for.

1. You go, girl

“Once back in school when I was like 16 or 17. I was on my period, so I went to the toilet. And I reached in my backpack first and grabbed a folded maxi pad (backpacks stayed in class). And on guy said laughing: “haha ew a pad. that is so gross” I just responded with: “Oh no, I have normal body functions how horrible” and I just ignored that kid and went to the toilet with out giving anymore f-cks.” –EvilAlicia

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2. Amen, Sister

“Having body hair (arms, armpit, legs, pubes, pretty much any hair that didn’t grow from my scalp). Having sex, not having sex, masturbating, swearing, not knowing how to make coffee despite never drinking the sh-t, having a slightly deeper voice than my peers when I was a teen, having small boobs, having big boobs, eating too much (unladylike!), eating too little (ugh, typical woman, too worried about getting fat), liking nerdy sh-t (even accessible popular nerd stuff like Star Wars), not wanting kids, not wanting to hear the opinions of every man who happens to stumble across something I said online.” –iusedtobefamous1892

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3. Let it rip, babe

1. Sitting with my legs open (wearing pants lol)

2. Having a pixie cut and shoulder length hair

3. Farting

4. Queefing. Like, sorry, you f***** me hard. If you can’t handle it leave the bedroom –coffeemuffin21

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4. Flex on ’em, honey

“Being too muscular. I was like “oh really?”. Then next gym session, I trained even harder.” –rudebish

5. Not the Auntie!

“One time my aunt said something along the lines of “how can you have so many stretch marks when you’re so skinny?” –attic-dweller-

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6. Weird, indeed, girlfriend

“For not wanting to have children. Also for being heavily tattooed. Somehow it’s acceptable for men, but not for women. Weird.” –SuchACreature

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7. I feel you, darlin’

“My periods. My muscles. I’ve had men try to physically take plates off my bar and hand me smaller plates. Having my tubes tied. How dare I not consider the opinions and feelings of my future husband. Having small boobs.”

8. You don’t need that man, mama

“I don’t shave above my knees. The hair is really light and fine and I don’t see the need (especially since it itches like crazy if I shave it). Was on a date with a guy once, I was wearing a short skirt. He pointed at my legs and said, “wow so nice to see you decided to shave for me.” Clearly it didn’t go anywhere with him, but he was the definition of toxic masculinity.” –blueeyedlies

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9. You do you, sweetie

“Having sex. Not wanting to have sex.” –alwaysamensch

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10. Nothin’ wrong with a little dimple, toots

“Cellulite.” –Psyechic

11. Damn right, queen

“Swearing. As in, “men don’t like women who swear.” No offense but I don’t give a f-ck.” –JustASomeone1410

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12. Stand tall, sweetheart

“For being tall. I was called ‘Amazon’ a lot in my teens and 20’s. I would say something to the effect of insecurities much or stop being jealous I got height. I’m only 6 ft tall. Lots and lots of boys couldn’t see past it. It’s a shame as I was an equal opportunist when I was dating and never saw height as an issue.

13. Ain’t that the real question, Sis

“What haven’t I been shamed for is the better question.” –coffeeblossom