People Are Sharing Their Juiciest Stories About Weddings That ‘Went Terribly’ (20 Tweets)


We love gossip and we love weddings and we *especially* love juicy gossip about weddings, specifically when there’s some kind of heinous drama that goes down in public.

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Twitter user @bhakthi recently asked her followers (and everyone else) for some gossip about weddings that “went terribly.”

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And you better believe she got some juicy stories.

A couple people spilled the tea in her DMs:

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But everyone else was comfortable airing other people’s dirty laundry in public:

1. Dear lord no


2. I laughed

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3. Ok, but that’s kind of sweet?

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4. A series of unfortunate events


5. Pastor answers the calling

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6. Weekend At Bernies III: The Wedding

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7. It’s never a good time to say this but a wedding might be the absolute worst time


8. Who’s your god now?

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9. Moth of the bride

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10. Quite the send-off