People Are Sharing The Body Parts They’re Most Attracted To (15 Posts)

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Everyone has a type. Whether you’re into long legs, nice eyes, kind smiles, or thicc curves there’s always some part of the body that folks find more attractive than others. Even those who claim to be more drawn to personality than looks have to admit that there are physical attributes that tend to catch their eyes.

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The people of Reddit started having every horny devil’s favorite conversation when Reddit user AswinAchu7 asked the question:

“Which body part of the opposite sex do you find most attractive?”

And the results will take you right back to high school when you first had this conversation at the lunch table.

Here are the top answers according to the people of Reddit.

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1. Everything

‘generally gestures at everything’ – AllUrHeroesWillBMe

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2. Hips

“Hips. They don’t lie.” –JesseRoxII

3. Face

“Face.” –SomeWh1teDood

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4. Thicc thighs

“Thick Thighs to make the d-ck rise.” – TRGMORGAN

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5. Brothers

“As a gay guy, the most attractive part of a woman is her brother.” –PandaCrab9009

6. Stomach

“The stomach of a woman, God damn I find them hot and sexy as hell.” –PM_Grizzly

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7. Breasts

“I find the most erotic part of a woman is the boobies.” –Gogo726

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8. Arms

“Arms, I need a hug :(” –overFckMaker

9. Eyes

“The eyes.” –Joltlord

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10. Man hands

“Hands. Men’s hands that are strong and soft. A little rough is also good.” –bobtej

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11. Butt

“As Thugnificent would say, BOOTY BUTT CHEEKS!” –bigmatt_94

12. Hair

“For some reason their hair, I just like it a lot.” –aledelmon

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13. Feet

“Feet. There’s something very intimate about feet. Massaging someone’s feet, washing someone’s feet. Being comfortable with someone’s feet and with someone touching your feet says a lot about the relationship you have with them and feet are usually the neglected body part.” –Pochusaurus

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14. Thighs

“Thighs.” – J_Jizzle_69

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15. A whole ranking

“On a girl:

1: Face and hair

2: Legs and thighs

3: Midriff and hips

4: Feet

5: Ass

6: Boobs

7: Arms and hands

8: Back

Extra: Posture. I realized about myself that good posture instantly grabs my attention.” –