Adorable Oldest Known Golden Retriever Celebrates 20th Birthday

An adorable Golden Retriever named Augie just celebrated a milestone that no other Golden Retriever is known to have celebrated — her 20th birthday.

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GoldHeart Golden Retrievers Rescue shared the good news on their Facebook page, saying that the beautiful girl hit that impressive age back on April 24, 2020.

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August, known as Augie to everyone who loves her, was adopted by her current family at age 14.

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She found her way to Jennifer and Steve Hetterscheidt in Oakland, Tennessee after first living with two other families.

Rehoming Augie was a feat in and of itself — senior dogs are always tough to place, and Augie had already lived past the average age expectancy of a Golden Retriever, which is usually around 10-12 years old.

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But this special girl defied expectations.

Six years later, Augie is still living up life with her human family and their other precious pups.

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The Hetterschedits say August is in surprisingly good health for her age, still moving around pretty well and walking around the yard every day. Although she’s had kidney issues since she was 14, a special diet and supplements have made life easier for her and she’s certainly pulled through to keep being a valued member of the fam.

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And yes, of course she got a birthday party to commemorate this of milestone.

Looking regal and solemn in her birthday bandana, Augie enjoyed a special carrot cake on her special day.

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Other humans blessed with older dogs celebrated with her online.

They shared well-wishes on the Facebook post GoldHeart put up for Augie, along with photos of some of their older dogs — though none seem to be as old as Augie!

Its official. Let it be known that Golden Retriever, "August", is the oldest known, oldest living Golden Retriever! She…

Posted by GoldHeart Golden Retrievers Rescue on Saturday, June 20, 2020
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While there are several accounts of other Goldens living to age 19, and many more of good dogs who were able to celebrate their 17th or 18th birthdays, Augie is the only one of her breed known to have made it to 20.

And here’s to hoping this beloved girl gets the chance to celebrate her 21st next year, too.