20 Absolutely Adorably Wholesome Encounters With Male Celebrities


Over in the BuzzFeed Community, people shared the most adorably wholesome encounters they’ve had with celebs and we’ve given you some of those stories before. Now we’re going to do a dive into the sweetest encounters people have had with famous guys. Get ready to aww!

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1. Joshua Jackson

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“It was in 2004 or so, and my family was about to fly out of LAX. My sister and I killed time by walking around for a bit — on our way back to the gate, we passed a packed Starbucks and saw Joshua Jackson standing around. He had a beard and we weren’t totally sure it was him, but after we circled around again, he introduced himself. He couldn’t have been a nicer guy — after a minute or two, my sister told him she had to get in line for a quick coffee before getting on the plane. It turns out he was waiting for his coffee, and soon as he got it, he gave it to us and told us he had plenty of time to wait for another one. He was such a cool dude.”


2. Dave Chappelle

“Dave Chappelle has a history of running very long comedy shows, and my buddy and I saw one of his shows a while back. It ran very, very late (until almost 4 a.m. on a weekday) and by the end, almost the entire crowd had trickled out. Only about a dozen of us remained at the show by this point — Dave invited us all to play basketball with him the next afternoon, and of course we took him up on his offer. He had rented out an entire gym for an hour, and after everyone finished playing, a handful of us stuck around and shot the shit with Dave. He bought us all fruit smoothies and gave us free tickets to his show the next night — he’s a SUPER nice guy, just like he is on TV. He couldn’t have been any cooler.” —u/banked1

3. Keanu Reeves

“I remember seeing Keanu Reeves in New York a long time ago when I was a young (and probably very annoying) pre-teen. I yelled out, ‘Yo, Neo!’ and then I mimicked the bullet-dodge motion from The Matrix. He looked back at me, laughed, and mirrored the same move in acknowledgement. It’s such a great memory because I feel like anyone would have been justified in getting annoyed and shrugging a kid off, but instead, he was a good sport and humored me. I’ll never forget it.” —u/MrMandu

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4. Daniel Radcliffe

“My family and I met Daniel Radcliffe in a London hotel when we went out for a celebratory dinner. He was alone in the lobby, so we asked if we could join him, not expecting much. We ended up sitting with him for a good 20 minutes chatting and drinking with him — he raised his glass to my sister, who toasted Dumbledore. It was pretty much the best night of our lives.” —zoeredhart

5. Tom Hanks

“This is my mom’s story: Tom Hanks was in our town because we have a typewriter store and he was shopping there. On the way out, he passed by a bunch of Girl Scouts selling cookies, and he decided to help them sell their cookies for a while. That’s right: Tom Hanks was casually shopping for typewriters and ended up selling Girl Scout cookies on the way out because he’s THAT wholesome.” —anajones597

6. LeBron James

“I was at a shoe store in Cleveland, and I was looking at the new LeBron sneakers (mind you that I’m only 18 at the time) — a tall shadow appeared over me, and when I turned around, it was LeBron fucking James standing there! He smiled and said, ‘You want my new shoes?’ I stumbled over my words for a few seconds, and told him I was thinking of buying a pair that day. He then asked me my size, went up to the front desk, and bought me two pairs — one he signed, and the other he said was for me to practice my post-moves in. It was one of the best days of my life.” 


“I was in a suite at a Cleveland Guardians [formerly Cleveland Indians] game in Aug. 2016 when a group of guys from the next suite over came out to watch the game. Lo and behold, LeBron James sat down in the seat right next to mine (a small metal railing was all that was between us) — being that the Cavs had just won the title a few months back, I was geeking out to the extreme. I kept it cool and didn’t fan out all over him, but I did hear him talking about my favorite MLB player of all time: Ken Griffey Jr., and that’s when LeBron pointed to my Griffey 2 sneakers I had on. He complimented them, I thanked him, and then we proceeded to talk for roughly 15 minutes about all things baseball — the guy knew his stuff, and could not have been nicer to my wife and I!”


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7. Will Ferrell

“I was working at the Hotel del Coronado in San Diego one summer in the private side of the resort. It was during Comic-Con, and a lot of the famous people speaking at the convention were staying at the Del — being the five star resort that we were, all the employees were told that if anyone asked a celebrity for an autograph or picture (or even talked to them outside of job duties), they would be promptly fired. One guy decided it was worth it and was fired on the spot, and I think Will Ferrell must have heard about it — he spent the next day or two at the hotel asking employees if he could give them an autograph and take a picture with him (he didn’t have a camera, so the employees would use theirs and email the pictures to him later). He was a super cool guy.” —u/SoLongSidekick

8. Antonio Banderas

“I worked as a print vendor with most of the major movie studios, one of which was DreamWorks. As a result of our great relationship on numerous projects, I was invited to bring my kids to a special Shrek 2 screening — it was a great event where the kids came in their pajamas, were able to have a green breakfast, get lots of goodies, and even meet Antonio Banderas. 

There was a little boy my youngest son had befriended who was always made fun of — so, when this opportunity came up, we invited him to come along. When he met Antonio Banderas, you’d have thought he was the only child there. The little boy brought a picture he had drawn to show Antonio, who ended up loving it, and he told the boy how great it was — he even autographed it! When my son’s friend got back to school, everyone thought he was cool, and [no longer made fun of him].” —catharinerajan

9. Steve Buscemi

“Steve Buscemi meets my friend every year on 9/11 at her dad’s old firehouse, since her dad died on 9/11 — they go out to dinner with a huge group of people, but he always makes sure he spends a lot of time talking to my friend. The last few years I went with her, and the first conversation I had with him really showed his character. I forget the word-for-word conversation, but we were joking around and he said something like, ‘So, how do you know [your friend]?’ ‘Oh, we met through a camp for people whose parents died on 9/11.’ Do you know what his response was? ‘Well, then, I guess that makes you family’ — he was the nicest person.” —u/[deleted]

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10. Misha Collins

“In Feb. 2017, I was in Nashville for a Supernatural convention — I was pretty bummed that I couldn’t afford a photo with Misha Collins. The night before the convention, I was walking around downtown Nashville playing Pokémon Go and sure enough, Misha Collins came walking right towards me on the sidewalk! He could tell by my reaction that I was a fan, so he opened his arms and said, ‘Come on, give me a hug if you’d like!’ He was soooo sweet and friendly — we stood there talking for at least 15 minutes, and even took this selfie! (My son in the ring sling is named Jensen, which Misha got a big kick out of). I just appreciated that he had zero obligation to be nice, and he was talking to me as if I were an old friend of his instead.” —jjolene710

11. Tracy Morgan

“I work at a pizza shop and Tracy Morgan lives up the street from our little downtown area. He’s a regular customer since his son used to work here, and we hadn’t seen too too much of him since his accident. Tracy came in one day and started talking about his ordeal and everything he went through. For a good 20-30 minutes he spoke to me and a few other customers about how precious life is, and how it’s so important to be thankful for everything you have since you never know when your last day will be. It was eye-opening and prolific, and good to hear from someone with so much experience in living life to the fullest. It was a very nice, down-to-earth talk.” —lillyb4d0eb0b96

12. Ryan Gosling

“Ryan Gosling paid for my parking on Hollywood Boulevard once (we had parked in the same parking lot). He was leaving as we were arriving, and I struck up a conversation with him real quick. He asked where I was from and why I was there/who I was with (I was on spring break with nine friends and we had two cars between us). He said, ‘Don’t worry about parking today, man, I’ll cover you all for the weekend. Have a fun spring break!’ It was so cool — he is JUST as nice in real life as you think he would be.” —u/MaynardJayTwa

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13. John Stamos

“I met John Stamos on the set of his Fox show, Grandfathered, before it was taken off the air. First of all, when Stamos walks into a room, your jaw will drop. When he was taking a break in-between scenes, we snapped a photo — in addition to being super nice and not at all weirded out by the girl who could hardly form a cohesive sentence in front of him, he was a true gentleman on set and to me for the rest of his shoot. As if I weren’t in love with Uncle Jesse before!”


14. Jason Momoa

“I met Jason Momoa at a convention. I was in a wheelchair, and he was in the elevator. I wheeled in and looked up in shock, and he grinned at me and said, ‘I’m not that guy, I’m just a good cosplayer.’ He got quiet for a moment and then laughed really hard. When my floor came up, even though it wasn’t his floor, he insisted on helping me out. I squeaked out a request for a picture and aimed the camera at him — he said, ‘Hell no, sweetie, you’re getting in this one,’ and tossed my camera to his friend. He was so sweet — also huge. H-U-G-E.” —insertwithere

15. Philip Seymour Hoffman

“I met Philip Seymour Hoffman after A Long Day’s Journey into Night on Broadway — several people were waiting by the stage door since everyone in the play was very well-known (like Vanessa Redgrave, Brian Dennehy, and Robert Sean Leonard). Everyone was kind, but P.S.H. came right up to me and asked for my Playbill — he signed it and chatted with me for a bit. He asked how old I was, I said I was 19, and I’ll never ever forget his response: ‘We don’t see a lot of teenagers at this show — you’re an intelligent and lovely young lady.’ He then got on a bike that was locked to a nearby parking sign and rode off — I sure as shit kept that Playbill, right next to my birth certificate and other important papers (where it belongs!).” —mkatherinekelly

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16. Muhammad Ali

“I was at the Chicago airport on a winter day to pick someone up (who I’m not close to) — I was dreading that day for weeks, and knew it would be terribly uncomfortable. We walked towards the parking lot when I saw Muhammad Ali — there he stood with his wife by his side, just the two of them, waiting for their assistant to finish loading their van (he was already deep into his illness). There was nobody else around, so I figured I wouldn’t start a big commotion when I walked up to them — I let Ali know that I admired him, and thanked the both of them for their charity work for people with disabilities. I didn’t ask for a handshake or a picture — I just wanted to let them know.

His wife smiled warmly, and suddenly I saw a sparkle in his eye. He opened his arms and embraced me — he hugged me long and deep. It was cold on that parking platform, and I could feel the heat from his body transfer to mine. There I was at the airport, receiving the kind of hug I should’ve gotten earlier from the person I picked up — instead, Muhammad Ali and I kept each other warm for a moment. That warmth stayed with me for a long time, and it helped me that day in ways he would never know.” —barbaraz4ac6d7d42

“I worked at a magic shop in my twenties, and one day Muhammad Ali came in. My boss (a huge Ali fan from back in the day) was visibly in awe. Ali hung around for a couple of hours — we did some magic tricks for him, he did some for us, and he was beyond cool taking pictures with us. He sent us a ‘thank you’ post card a week later and signed it: ‘Cassius Clay — oops, I mean Muhammad Ali.'”


17. Michael Jordan

“My cousin caddied for Michael Jordan at a charity golf tournament — he was around 14 years old at the time, when baggy Dickie pants were all the rage. By hole #9, my cousin was sweating in the Midwest heat — as they passed the Pro Shop to proceed to hole #10, MJ stopped and handed my cousin his credit card, saying, ‘It’s hot outside and [you’re] sweating. Run inside and get yourself some shorts.’ My cousin quickly got a pair of shorts and caddied the rest of the round, and MJ tipped him $600.” —c_hamilton3

18. Adam Sandler

“My grandmother and Adam Sandler’s father had back-to-back chemo appointments in Boston — every week she would see Adam Sandler in sunglasses bringing his father to chemo. Her cancer was stage three at this point, and she was under a great deal of stress — and honest to god, Adam Sandler would help ease her nerves by rubbing her back. Unfortunately his dad died that year, but my grandmother made a full recovery — the way Adam treated my sick, elderly grandmother was incredible.” —u/nmneedle

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19. Pharrell

“I went to some local radio station festival and N.E.R.D. was playing in the afternoon (I hadn’t heard them before, but I knew who Pharell was and wanted to see if I liked them as a group). They were amazing, but right before their last song, Pharrell told everyone to come forward to the stage — I was up front already, but I’m in a wheelchair and get nervous around crowds, so I went to the side because I didn’t want to get trampled. He saw me and motioned to a security guard to get me up on stage — I was hanging on the side of the stage and he called me over to the center of the stage while they performed ‘Rock Star.’ It was quite amazing — they were just the nicest guys.” —u/thechantiki

20. David Bowie

“I don’t know if it’s cheating since this celebrity was a friend of the family, but when I was in 6th grade, I was given an assignment to do a biography on a celebrity and dress up as them when presenting. I chose to do David Bowie since I loved his music and he was a nice guy — my dad told David about my assignment, and he called the house one day to talk about it with me. He told me a bit about his work and his past (the PG version, of course) and was excited to hear about the project. Fast forward to the presentation day, and I dressed up as Ziggy Stardust — I got nervous and stumbled all over my words. Later that day, David called to follow up and asked me if I did his British accent — I confessed I didn’t, and he seemed ‘disappointed’ and laughed it off — it was the best school work I ever did.” —u/skooseskoose

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