For A Change Of Pace, 21 People Share Some Nice Customer Service Stories

wholesome customer service stories

It’s easy to feel like the world is just full of the most awful people who live for nothing except to torment people who can’t fight back. The people who can’t fight back are usually working in customer service, where their entire job is to “grin and bear it.” There has been some pushback on this philosophy recently, maybe because so many of these horrible people keep getting caught on camera acting like monsters, but being polite to rude a-holes may always be part of the job.

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On r/AskReddit, u/Basil_9 wanted to change that narrative and get some perspective from people who have worked in customer service and have had good experiences for once.

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“We always hear bad stories of annoying and rude customers. Customer service, what are your interactions with good, wholesome, and generally pleasant customers?” they asked.

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Surprisingly, to those of us who are cynical, there were a lot of very nice stories out there and they might actually make you think there’s hope for humanity after all. Isn’t it nice to hear about people being nice?


My first job was a cashier at Winn-dixie in a small town when I was 16. Toward the end of my shift, a cute old lady came through my line. I asked her if she found everything okay and when I gave her her change back, I made a dumb joke asking her if she would like it in all pennies. It wasn’t even funny but she played along laughed.

Afterwards, she went up to my manager and told him how great of a worker I was and will be coming back just because of me. Its been 8 years, but I still distinctly remember her being so kind to me. It meant a lot considering it was my first real job. —Jooshwa


I used to work at a sushi place years ago bartending and serving. I had regulars who came in every couple weeks and we really enjoyed them. One night I talked to them about whiskey for about an hour straight (it was a very slow night).

Ever since then they would bring their most expensive bottle of whiskey every time they came in to share a drink with us. They made me feel very special, bless their hearts. I kind of miss that job, there were a lot of regulars who were like that. —MonkeyCMonkeydudu

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I worked at a fast food place in high school and a woman would come through and pay for the people behind her. She didn’t only do it once either. One time the people behind her decided they would then pay for the people behind them and… it went on for 9 cars, I think? Or it was 11.

But yeah. That was pretty amazing to see.

Also, a coworker of mine was given $50 by a random lady who told her, “You are a good person and you deserve this. Merry Christmas.” Twice. Each time a year apart, near the holidays.

There are truly amazing people all around us. —Feather716


A lady brought me and a fellow retail worker a box of malteasers each as a thank you for helping her —SecretlyPig


I work in a grocery store. I work as both cashier and packer. It depends on what people at my job need.

Two days ago, I had to go to work as a packer, at about the hour the store was opening. The store is relatively small so I was the only packer for the next hour.

Usually, there’s supposed to be a cashier arriving half an hour before the store opens. There was no cashier that day. The one supposed to be there also didn’t tell anybody she wouldn’t be there.

So here I am, being the only packer and also only cashier in the whole store.

Eventually, there’s that homeless guy coming to get money for bottles he brought. I give him what he wants and continue to do two jobs at the same time. Not a big deal, but some customers aren’t really patient.

About 10 or 15 minutes later, the same homeless guy comes back and starts helping me with the packing. He makes jokes with customers and is really friendly. He explains he just had nothing to do, so why wouldn’t he help me?

Eventually, when there was less customers, he just left, telling me good bye, without asking for anything. I don’t know if I’ll see him again, but he made my day. —BobbyBobTheBlob

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One customer at the restaurant I worked gave me a balloon poodle. Made my day —Milku1234


I work at a retirement home so all the old people are really nice. Any way an older gentleman have me a chocolate bar as a way of saying thank you. —IAmTheOnlyDomo


I work at an IT/Telecom provider and we have a lot of old customers who struggle with installing devices. Most of them are very thankful and some of them even visit us again to bring chocolate or once even a bottle of wine.

My favorite was a middle aged woman who wrote me a christmas card with 50 swiss francs (almost equals 50 euros) as a present. She thanked me for the good service and support and called me a great person and wished me all the best for the new year coming.

I was and still am very touched by this and encouraged to continue being sympathetic to people who need my help. —RicoRaco

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I sold glasses to this very pleasant and funny elderly woman who was accompanied by her husband. She kept choosing the cheapest options because she quote, “wouldn’t be around long enough to get much use from them.” Her husband insisted on getting her the very best and even bought her a second pair. —wizardsluv_spiders


I worked at a gelato shop in a pretty privileged city. One day a guy came in and didn’t really seem any different from anyone else who comes into the shop. I asked him how his day had been, and he opened up saying he went to a dentist appointment, saw his family that lives in the area, and said how much he didn’t enjoy the area because of how privileged it is.

I agreed with him since so many privileged assholes come into the shop everyday, so I knew what he was talking about. We chatted about our experiences in the city, and he told me a different city experience will change my attitude. He gave me a $20 tip for a $5 cup of gelato and I never have connected with a customer like him before.

He was right though. I have since moved into a new, not as privileged city, and I haven’t had a problem with the people I interact with. —mikeywuiwums


I’m lucky enough to work in a nice cafe where most people are generally pleasant, and quite often complimentary about the food and service.

We are in a tourist destination and so have annual return customers, but the best is Mr Tunnock, of Tunnocks tea cakes fame. Whenever he visits he brings bags of caramel wafers and such like. One year he brought a tub of caramel logs for us. Later that day we broke the seal, opened the tub, and there was £20 sitting on the top. What a legend. —Daigybug

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I work at a John Deere dealership and one of our regulars brings in fresh baked half moon cookies the size of small plates from time to time, and a couple apple farmers have our delivery guys pick up a crate of apples from them every fall since I’ve been there. 99.9% of the farmers we deal with are really nice people and they’ve been going there for years so they’re like family to us. —ChevyGuy96


I work as a cashier at Wendy’s and theres a semiregular woman who pulls through and always without fail. Will give me the 1’s from her change as a tip. It always makes me smile, I have no idea if I’m allowed to accept tips but I’ll never be able to decline her generosity it warms my heart everytime.

Another one is this guy who pulled through at like 11pm. I was doing food prep, bagging, and taking orders my whole shift with little help and was just past my breaking point barely skating by. This guy saw me running around getting his food and how stressed I was and he just kept telling me how awesome I am for doing so much work and how I’m doing a great job. Literally the whole 5 or so minutes I was taking his money and getting his food together he kept complimenting and encouraging me. He gave me the energy to get through the rest of my shift. —YukinoCookie


I worked at a small grocery store 10 years back, and during that time had a lot of regulars. One couple were this really sweet old couple. The husband (Les) always joked around with the cashiers and pulled little pranks on us, and I got along well with both of them. I was pretty young (looked younger) and was pregnant with my son at the time.

On my last day of work before going on maternity leave, Les came into the store and asked me to come outside with him. He said his wife was in the car and she really wanted to say goodbye to me before I left, but she wasn’t feeling very well and had to stay in the car. So I went outside. There she was in the car – with a giant Toys’R’Us box. They had bought me an exersaucer for the baby, knowing that money was tight and I would probably only be able to buy the basics. It was one of the kindest things anyone has ever done for me.

I’ve also had a customer (from a much more recent job) give me $5000 to put towards my children’s RESPS. —keepwarm

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I wasn’t working, but i saw a man give $20 to each employee that was working and there were like 5 of them —PixelOfInsanity


I used to work at a theater inside of a casino with mostly elderly people coming in. This one older gentleman (L) would come in every Wednesday for the Senior Discount Day. L would ask me for movie recommendations and just to chit chat about the movie afterwards.

I never really thought much of it until I switched my schedule with one of the other employees(she was going to school so I was helping her out), I guess after a month of me, not being there L got worried about me and talked to my GM about me, just to make sure I was safe.

My GM thought this was so sweet that she switched me back to working Wednesday’s just to see him again. Here’s the best part, she kept this all hidden from me so when I saw L again, he blurted out my name and rushed to give me a hug. I was so confused until he explained what had happened. I eventually left that job a few years later, but I still keep in touch with L. —lalomean2


Regulars at my last job were always really nice. I knew their orders by heart and I’d usually have their orders already put into the register by the time they stepped up, and we’d chat for a minute or so and then they’d pay and we might chat a little more when I brought their food out. —mylegismissing

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There’s a client at my work who brings us treats every time he comes in. Sometimes it’s cookies, sometimes it’s cupcakes, sometimes it’s mini pig in a blankets, etc. He never arrives empty handed and we appreciate the hell out of him! He makes up for all the shitty people we have to deal with during the day. —horton_hears_a_homie


We have a specific older woman, who comes to my Starbucks drive through. Mind you, we are extremely high volume, and one of the top ones in the state. She drives nearly a half hour, every single weekday morning, to get her fix.

She is SO genuinely pure to us every day. She never complains about the wait, always is telling us how much we brighten her day when she sees us. Even when we do sometimes make a mistake, she kindly asks us and let’s us help her without being cruel.

Not to mention, I’ve been there for three years and every single year she gives a Christmas card to the store, with $100 tip for us.

My favorite woman ever tbh. —thesupernerf


When I was working at a grocery store. A woman (in here 40s I’d guess) asked if I could take her groceries to her car and load them. While doing so, she told me that she was super hungover and just wanted to go home and gave me 50$. I refused it but she insisted I keep it. So I did. —dnmty

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I used to work as a bank teller. There was a customer from Lebanon who other people got annoyed by because he always came in just a couple of minutes before we closed with a bunch of business to do. He was really pleasant and interesting and I always enjoyed talking with him.

It turns out the reason he was always so late was that he ran a small cafe that served Lebanese and Greek food and once he closed up the shop he had just enough time to make it to the bank. At any rate, because I never acted annoyed and was always friendly to him, every Friday after work (I left early on Friday) I would swing by his cafe and get a free meal. —mejok