Wholesome TikTok Of Chinese Taxi Driver In Awe of Western Man’s Height Goes Viral

People are fawning over a wholesome video going viral on TikTok. It perfectly encapsulates two cultures clashing but in the best way possible.

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The (now removed) adorable video was uploaded by user livinglavidaloca100 but goes by Derrick the TikToker. In the video, a White man entering a store was stopped by a Chinese taxi driver who was in awe of how tall the man was.

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The man entering the store found the man’s reaction to his height funny and was laughing at the man’s reaction. As the taxi driver continues to marvel at his height, he begins to get closer to the man to see the height comparison, showing that he barely comes up to his shoulder.

Both of the men are giggling and the tall man then takes his new friend’s hand and puts it around his neck and picks up the Chinese men right off his feet. The whole video only lasts 12 short seconds.

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Since the video was posted, it earned over 152,000 likes on TikTok and has amassed over 800,000 views.

One person commented on the video, “The universal language is laughter.” Another person wrote, “[It’s] the little giggling for me. You can tell he’s gonna tell that story for the rest of his life.”

People on Reddit also enjoyed the video when it began to make its rounds on the social media platform. user dukesinatra wrote, “This is humanity at its finest and it made me smile. If only all of life could be this simple and innocent.”