This Christmas Ad Is So Wholesome It’s Making People Emotional

The holiday season is filled with a mixture of so many different emotions and especially in this sh*thole of a year, 2020. But social media resurfaced a German Christmas ad from 2017 that’s got everyone emotional.

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The moving two minute and 55-second ad in question was created by a German pharmacy company called DocMorris and is called “Take Care of Yourself.” At the beginning of the ad, we’re introduced to an older gentleman who seems to be inspired by photos of his family to start a new routine.

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Viewers can see he takes a photo off the wall and brings it into the garage with him as he dusts off an old kettlebell. His neighbors scoff at him as he tries to pick it up but is unable to. The ad shows him sticking with the workout and continuing to do his workouts.

Only one word is said throughout the entire ad, the rest relies on facial expressions and emotions created by his surroundings.

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He continues to pick up the kettlebell and do so with ease now that he seems prepared for something but viewers don’t know what it is. Being that this was in 2017, nobody had to worry about a deadly pandemic so he goes to his daughter’s home for a family gathering and sees who we assume is his granddaughter.

With him, he has a gift and she opens it to reveal it’s a star that is supposed to go on top of the Christmas tree. Here’s where the emotions come in: The comes full circle when viewers realize he was working out to be able to be strong enough to lift his granddaughter to put the star on the tree.

People on the internet are praising how incredibly moving the commercial was. One person commented on Facebook, “Kids are great motivators… Grandkids are even better motivators.” While another person said, “Keep watching it over and over again.”