People Share The Most Unintentionally Hot Things They’ve Ever Seen, And It’s Pretty Wholesome

While lots of people make a good effort at being hot, sometimes the hottest thing can be the most unintentional. Seeing your partner do something they love and enjoy, watching a musician play their instrument…and of course the accidental flash of skin as someone wipes their brow with the bottom of their shirt.

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On Reddit, people are sharing the most unintentionally hot thing they’ve ever seen — and some of them are honestly very wholesome, too.

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Long live love.

1. Violin Solo

“This guy I liked had a violin solo at a concert once, just the way his hands moved, the way he played had me mesmerized. I was already attracted to him, but that was just insanely hot for some reason.” — la_44

2. Doctor’s Touch

“I was at the doctor’s for a sore throat and the doc was a slender guy around my age. Good looking but I never thought of him THAT way. But when he touched the sides of my neck to feel my lymphnodes he finished by kinda gently moving his fingers down just a little toward my chest area and I perked up because it was so hot and felt almost deliberate. I’ll admit I was pretty starved for some intimacy back then (my now ex-husband had been sick and drinking), so it was the first sensual touch in almost a year, but it just felt so nice. Didn’t say anything of course, was just surprise-horny!” — ChocolateBit

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3. “Hurtling Into Puberty”

“In 7th grade my crush walked into class, sweaty from soccer practice, pulled his shirt up to wipe his brow and sent me hurtling into puberty.” — WestbrookIsaBadIdea

4. Wrestling Practice

“My crush when I was 16 walked out of wrestling practice pulling off his shirt and heading to the shower. He saw me staring at him and gave me a half smile. That was it. I was done. He’s asleep next to me right now, 28 years later.” — 2beagles

5. Hand Cream

“As a teen a group of us were joking around and a girl took out hand cream, as girls tend to go, so I jokingly asked for some. She squirted way too much on my hand and laughed. I loudly stated what the hell am I supposed to do now? when the tall blond hot girl who I barely knew came up, scraped the hand cream off my hand, put a leg up on the near by couch in our commons area, and proceeded to apply it to her whole legs and up her thighs one leg at a time and walked away (it was spring and she was wearing shorts). Instant turn on. To this day I’m not sure how much she was completely oblivious vs. showing off/flaunting her body.” — Canadabigjack.

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6. Making Pizza

“I was in the parking lot waiting for my partner to finish his shift (he makes artisan pizzas) and just watching him laughing with his coworkers and then tossing a pizza in the air and bouncing it on his knuckles just about made me ask him to clock out a little earlier. I just love watching him be good at things he loves doing.” — InkyFellow

7. Bending Down

“Yesterday my wife of 31 years was doing her thing in the kitchen. As I walked in her back was to me and she bent down to get something from a bottom drawer. Almost a third of a century with that woman and she still grabs my full attention without even trying. I am a lucky man and I know it.” — wardog1066

8. The Boss

“My boss was standing taking a phone call in our open plan office. It was summer and she wore a black, tight, sleeveless dress. The person on the other end of the line, presumably asked a tough question. As she pondered her response, she looks skywards, ran her fingers slowly through her hair and closed her eyes. I was agog!” — prophylaxitive

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9. Watering The Plants

“Don’t know about most, but recent and memorable. New neighbor was outside watering her plants. She moved so gracefully just they way she knelled to pour a little water on this row of succulents. 0 wasted movement. Something about it was just so picturesque.” — tdasnowman

10. Vasectomy Recovery

“When my husband was recovering from his vasectomy, I learned how many little things I did turned him on. I’d reach across the table for the salt and he’d give an uncomfortable squirm. Just so many little things like that. It was a huge ego boost and turned me on immensely to know that I was turning him on. Couldn’t do anything with that feeling for a few weeks, unfortunately.” — froglover215

11. “Practically Pornographic”

“Middle school teacher was surprised in front of the class by her husband coming home from a military deployment. They kissed like my eyes never saw before and he lifted her off the ground. It was practically pornographic to a boy of a certain age.” — ConcreteThinking

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12. Doppelganger

“A female co-worker friend of mine lived in the same building as me and asked to borrow a tie for her shift. She flipped her hair forward, and the tie on as she flipped her hair back. Sexy as hell. Kinda looked at her different after that, but didn’t act on it. I was securely located on Planet Friend and didn’t want to ruin that. We lost touch for awhile, and reconnected on Facebook. She’s married and has a couple of kids. But when I saw the photos she posted of her husband, well, he had a certain body type. Dude was my doppelganger. I had missed an opportunity and didn’t even know about it for a decade. Still think about that hair flip, though.” — 2leewhohot

13. Pool Salt

“Used to work at a pool shop. One day a new delivery driver turns up to deliver the 20kg bags of pool salt. She wasn’t overly attractive but defiantly not ugly. The moment she started hauling 20 plus bags of salt into the shop in the hot sun she became the most attractive woman id even laid eyes on. Something about about women who can punch out physical labor as much as any man is hot as f*ck.” — Katanachainsaw

14. Luke Skywalker

“My 12 year old self had her sexual awakening to Luke Skywalker all sweaty in a tanktop in that one swamp scene in The Empire Strikes Back…Still does it for me tbh.” — aquafaith

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15. Las Vegas

“The wind in Las Vegas. Like holy sh*t, you walk down the street and it feels like that gust if hot air when you first open an oven.” — empireof3

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