Sex Workers Are Sharing Wholesome, Sweet, And Sad Client Stories (20 Stories)

Sex workers see more on the job than most. Their clientele is diverse, all having their different reasons for reaching out.

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A recent conversation on Reddit showed a deeper side of the clientele sex workers encounter regularly. The side that these individuals hide from families and loved ones.

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User rishabwarr posted in r/AskReddit:

“Sex workers of Reddit, what is the saddest request/story you have with a client?”

The post received 8.5K comments in four days, with stories that will hopefully make you see humans in a different, kinder light.

Below are some stories people shared.

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“I once spent an evening with a very old man who had booked me because I looked just like his late wife when she was young. He missed her terribly and just wanted to lie down with me, hold me and pretend I was her. Another one was a man who was paralysed from the neck down since a swimming accident when he was 16.

He couldnt feel anything other than his face so we just talked, and kissed, i stroked his hair and his face and of course, provided my boobs for motorboating. he was an artist and he painted these beautiful watercolours just using his mouth and a paintbrush, and he had a little straw he used to control the tv. I remember him saying he was really into Studio Ghibli films at the moment and we spoke about those. Nice guy. But it was also heartbreaking hearing about how little physical contact and affection he received, how rare it was for someone to touch his face and stroke his hair. He spoke about how hard it is when its like people are scared to touch you, even loved ones and friends.

I hope wherever these men are these days that they are well, and happy, and are finding the solace and physical affection they need. I cant say that for all my past clients, but certainly those ones.



A young man wanted to hire me for roleplay because his high school sweetheart had gone to college far away and despite them promising to stay with each other and get married after college, she had lost her virginity to a frat guy in her first month of school. He said I looked like her but the saddest part was that he didn’t want to role play her losing her virginity to him the way he had always thought would happen. He wanted to roleplay the frat guy and me the girlfriend where I would have to say “but I have a boyfriend” but would end up in bed with him anyway.

It was too sad and he was too young so even though he offered me $1000 I said no.



This wasn’t me but when I was stripping my coworker had an elderly client who would come in and buy her out in VIP for the whole night just to nap in her lap. And since our club was, not high end let’s say, our VIPs were connected so every time I had a lapdance I’d go into VIP and just see her on her phone with him just napping with his head on her thighs. Our club was only open for 8 hours, 6pm to 2am, and then he’d get up when it was last call, give her a big hug and dip. Apparently, he’d been married for like 45 years but his wife passed away. He hadn’t slept alone since he was 18 years old, and couldn’t sleep for shit in his own bed. He’d come to the club and get his sleep there with fucking Rihanna booming over the speakers- he slept through all of it. There was a rumor that he bought her perfume that matched what his wife wore but I never found out if that was true.

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Kinda the reverse here from the stories here. I had an escort that would hit me up to get rides in my cab for her outcalls or hotel changes. Instead of charging her for rides to go out and get food, she’d just buy me food also because I was often too busy to stop and eat at times.

One night when we were both having a slow night she mentioned how she hadn’t had a home cooked meal in over a year and would kill for a steak. I told her I had 2 in my fridge if she wanted one. Ended up driving to my house, picking up a my steaks, some instant mashed potatoes, can of corn, and some fresh garlic bread, went back to where she was staying and cooked a “home cooked” meal in her hotel with a microwave and a George Foreman grill. We ended up eating and watching TED that I pick up from a Redbox down the street. She randomly hugged me and started bawling her eyes out because I was the first person in the past year that has treated her like a regular person and should couldn’t remember the last time she’d could relax and enjoy herself.



I have a client who gives me an allowance just to go and see his mom. Absolutely nothing sexual, i just have lunch or dinner with her a few times a week, hang out and talk. She doesn’t live alone(he’s got a whole staff to care for her) but she gets lonely. Honestly if he’d stop giving me the allowance I probably wouldn’t stop coming. It makes me kinda sad when I think that this dude can afford to spend a lump sum on me but can’t afford to lose a day of work to see his mom.



When I was a camgirl, I had one guy who would often pay for private shows but it was fairly innocuous and he never asked for anything sexual at all but instead he just wanted to practice his flirting/social skills as he was autistic and really wanted to ask out a girl at his college. He said because of his disability his family never took his romantic questions seriously and laughed at him and just would tell him it was cute that he was asking etc… I’ll never forget the day he told me he finally asked her out and she said yes, i’ll admit I got pretty verklempt.

A lot of guys on those sites just wanted to be heard and seen and feel safe being vulnerable, and I was always appreciative and conscientious of the power that anonymity held for those who felt alone or confused.

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I had a client who was a newbie. He booked me for a dinner date. During dinner, he started crying. He broke down and told me he had just gone through a terrible divorce. It sounded like he still loved her but she was already engaged to her new man.

I ended up seeing this client regularly and things devolved. The ex wife took the kids out of state, the kids wanted their cats so he gave them up too. Both his parents were dead, no siblings. He stopped seeing me for awhile when he got a new girlfriend. She ended up using him for his money. The last time I saw him, he said he was thinking of moving to Mexico. He wanted to get away.

I didn’t hear from him and life became busy for me. A few years later I thought of him randomly and looked him up. I found his obituary and it was a few weeks after the last time I saw him. I think he killed himself and I really feel terrible about it. It really haunts me



One time I was doing a VIP session, and this dude legitimately told me to stop dancing, and basically broke down in front of me, telling me he was only there because his friends dragged him along to “cheer” him up… from what he told me he caught his wife in bed with another man, and they recently just got divorced. He told me his now ex wife told his kids that he was the one cheating, and his kids basically hated him now. I’ve never felt so bad for a total stranger all my life.



An elderly man would come in whenever he’d saved enough money to afford an hour or two. He didn’t speak much but always had the kindest smile for me. All he wanted to do was to hold me in his arms and sway gently to the music. Nothing else.

After a couple of months he shared with me that he used to do this with his wife before she died and that he misses the intimacy of their moments together.

At some point he stopped coming. I don’t know what happened to him but I will never forget him.

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I was hired by a middle aged woman who just want companion for the evening and night. She was a beautiful women who I didn’t understand why she hired me but I met her at the bar asked her name and she gave me her card and told me to treat her and my name was Bill. So I brought her drinks and paid for her meal we went to watch a movie it think it was Molly’s Game, I can’t remember. Then we took an Uber back to hers and we spent the night. I only found out why she does this by talking after we spent the night. Her husband and son died about 4 years ago and she likes pretending when she’s having a bad day that she goes on a date with someone that reminds her of her husband. People often think that it’s about sex sometimes it’s not it about the sex it about the companionship and the feeling of re-living past moment or even just ignoring emotions at the time.



They just wanted a hug.



A man basically paid me to compliment him daily. He had just gotten out of an extremely toxic and abusive relationship and had the lowest self-esteem I’d ever seen. I’d comfort him, listen to him, help him, and constantly let him know he was a lot better than what he thought he was. I had to break ties when he started to assume we were dating / I was doing it out of love. I cared about him, sure, but I didn’t love him nor did I seek a relationship with him. After a while, I returned half his money and wished him luck.

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I had a regular who was an older gentleman. Yes we did do some deeds, but 95% of the time he just wanted company. I’d go with him grocery shopping, out to eat, to his apartment to cuddle and watch movies, he’d tell me stories about his family that had passed, stories from when he was a kid, stuff he learned when he got his pilots license. I was at his funeral when he passed. I’ll never forget such a sweet lonely man who just wanted human companionship. Edit: lol ok after he passed away I went to the funeral. Sorry bad wording.



The “birthday” is always the worst for me. I have a couple guys a year book me for a few hours, tell me it’s their birthdays and want to spend it with someone as they have no one to spend it with. It’s very sad to me when you have to spend money on someone to spend their birthday with you, always helps me feel like a douche bag. I at least show up with cake and a small gift. I hate those dates the most.



I had a “call” through an escort service at about 6:30am (way too early for me I was sleeping). I kept ignoring my phone, they kept persisting. I finally picked up, agreed on a astronomical hourly rate and the “client” agreed. I show up to his room about 730am and he answered and to my surprise he’s a tall, fit guy in his late 20s. He gave my full agreed rate, I could tell he had been drinking. We’re sitting on the bed, and I’m trying to ask him questions to keep the mood light and friendly. And he starts to cry, like he’s bawling his eyes out. I could tell he wasn’t crying beforehand, just really wasted. I was so shocked I didn’t know what to do, especially since he’s this macho guy (I figured out he was in the Armed Forces). He told me he was in town for his father’s funeral and his emotions and feelings were just hitting him and he wanted someone to be there with him. So I stayed the whole time and I let him talk and grieve and held him for a bit. We didn’t do anything sexual except a kiss at the end when my driver picked me up. He gave me his number and told me to call him if I was ever in his city, I still have it.

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I won’t share any specifics, but I’ve often experienced clients opening up about their past traumas. Sometimes there are tears. Always hugs. It’s sad, but I’m happy to be there for them in the limited way that I can.



Former sex worker… I had a soldier that would just want me to hold him when he came back and before going on deployments to and from Afghanistan.



A guy I saw just wanted to wear my lingerie and talk. He was straight but enjoyed the feeling of dressing up. I had some older items I sold him so he could keep them after wearing because he couldnt get that stuff delivered to his house.

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The saddest story about a client is probably when I lost my absolute favourite long-term regular to COVID. He was an adorably sweet old man, and I was very broken up about it.



I have a guy who sees me often to just talk about his life. Really good-looking early 30s guy. I’ve seen him 4 times now, we’ve never had sex just kinda cuddles, talked and watched movies.


You can view the post here.

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