People Are Sharing How They Discovered Someone Had No Idea How The Real World Works (17 Stories)

Some people are more book smart, others have more common sense. The lucky ones have both. And the unlucky ones? Have no idea how the world works on any level.

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On Reddit, people are sharing stories about how others (and themselves) failed at navigating the real world.

Some stories have to do with financial mistakes, others with public transportation, and others a very real misunderstanding of how science and weather works. Look, if you see yourself reflected in some of these blunders, guess what? Knowledge is power. People cannot turn a geyser on and off. Don’t ask them to.

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“When I was in boot camp, some kid put his letter addressed to ‘mom’ with no address attached.” — kiravai

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“A student working part time at my laboratory at a University came into my office and asked ‘so what all can I eat in the refrigerator, I didn’t know I was supposed to bring my own lunch.’ I looked at him, stunned and replied ‘nothing, that food is what people brought for their own lunch, but you can use my grub hub to order.’ He DID NOT UNDERSTAND. It took 4 tries to get him to realize he can’t just eat someone else’s lunch.” — poostainsunlimited


“Employees at Old Faithful (both Park Service & concessionaire) are routinely asked to set off the geyser early. Yeah, we’ll get right on that…” — 2PlasticLobsters

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“Listening to a faulty new car story when it turned out the woman (42) was driving for 7 months with the hand brake on the whole time.” — Caladan109

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“When my roommate, who never once paid for rent or groceries or anything, turned down the only job offer they have ever gotten, in front of me, TWICE. They were so desperate they called him twice, offering good pay, during covid, and he had the gal to say no in front of me. His excuse was ‘nah I’m sure there’s something better. $20 an hour is garbage in this city.'” – Zoomyboomy


“My boss told me about a friend of his, who told him of a ‘life hack.’ She would get her bills in the mail, NOT pay them, and then wait a couple of months to pay. Then she would cry so the debt collectors would feel bad and waive the fees for not paying on time. That was her ‘brilliant life hack.'” — TheBrohannes

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“The other day, my 18yo brother-in-law got married to his high school sweetheart in a parking garage so that they can live off campus at college together. Girlfriend’s, now wife, mother is an ordained minister. His parents, my in-laws, were very upset, and he couldn’t understand why because ‘it’s just a fake marriage for school.’ Oh no, sweet boy. You are MARRIED. I just laughed and laughed. I love him dearly. He is a dumb*ss.” — hlfpint

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“My mom was spontaneously in the city I live in and asked me to meet her for supper. I told her I was on the bus and it would take me 45 minutes to get to her, even though in a car it would be a 15 minute drive. She said ‘just tell the bus driver to bring you here now.’ She has no concept of how public transportation works.” — sassyla


“I worked for a very sheltered and entitled Mother as a nanny. Shortly after I got hired she called me at 3am asking me to come in because the baby wouldn’t stop crying. When I said no, she responded with ‘but you’re the nanny!’ And that was a constant thing. At one point she got sick of breastfeeding and asked if I could start nursing. All of this was very casual too. Like she wasn’t really mean about it.” — cleaning-meaning

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“Ole roommate was only paying $25 on her credit cards every month, but was putting almost every purchase on them. I felt so bad explaining to her that she was now in credit card debt.” — opwanderer

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“A first year college student of mine thought that assignment deadlines were guidelines. Nothing was handed in on time. She emailed me the night before her final exam to see if I’d take some of her late work. I told her hell no. She threatened to report me. I let her. She failed, got reprimanded and was eventually expelled due to plagiarism.” — idontdigdinosaurs


“Two things immediately come to mind. First being a young girl I used to work with at Target. She was hired for the 6am-2:30pm shift, but she regularly showed up between 8-9am without any good explanation. After the third time or so, our supervisor asked her if she had something to do in the morning, such as getting kids ready for school, that required a later shift? If so, she could be moved to the 8am-4:30pm shift. The girl’s response was, ‘No, I still want to leave at 2:30. I just don’t want to get up that early.’ She was fired when she refused to acknowledge that you cannot make your own schedule.” — MissReanimator

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“An example of myself. I had thought, upon entering college, that I could feasibly earn a living and be comfortable through just working in music. I thought that performing music, playing music, and selling my own music would be enough to afford a house, a car, groceries, and all of life’s necessities. Let’s just say that I haven’t quite arrived at that point yet.” — uncommoncommoner

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“A very privileged flatmate at Uni tried to put a tin can of soup in our microwave. She had never cooked for herself before. I got to the microwave before it exploded.” — SarahR_2


“Me. I was 18 and living in my first apartment. I spent 15 minutes looking for a ‘button’ on the trash shoot. Didn’t realize until the 3rd time that I just needed to throw the trash down. I had lived with my parents until then, and they failed to teach me a lot of basic life necessities. Love them, but man was I stupid.” — Significant_Neck_490


“One year for Christmas I custom made a board game for my girlfriend where the theme was about her going on as many holidays(vacations) as possible. The entire thing was full of references to her friends and family with a bunch on in-jokes. Several people said I should try to mass produce and sell it. It’s like, who the hell do you thinks gonna buy a game themed about some random person they’ve never heard of?” — TannedCroissant

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“I work for the local water company and get asked regularly, why do people have to pay for water when it falls from the sky for free.” — bigdave2465

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