Here Are Some Things Guys Shouldn’t Be Ashamed About

things men shouldn't be ashamed of
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Men catch a lot of heat on social media, and I’m not saying they don’t deserve any of it. This is not a “not all men” post. But plenty of men are getting confusing messages about expectations we have of them, and what is and isn’t okay. That’s why this post started by u/TAL115 is kind of refreshing. It really clears the air with a simple question.

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“What is something a guy shouldn’t be ashamed or insecure about?” they asked.

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A lot of the answers relate to body image, which isn’t just a woman’s issue in this day and age, and that makes sense. None of us should be feeling ashamed about how we look, and there are some specifics men hear allllll the time. There’s also a lot in there about emotions, money, and enjoying a good fruity drink. None of these things should bring shame, only joy and self-acceptance. For All Men!


Getting mental health help —daniebop

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Driving a cheap car. —GoldAvril


Balding. It’s almost completely out of your control, and it happens to a large percentage of men. Especially for those who start balding young, it can really shatter their self confidence. —Dragnil


Not being able to grow a full beard yet. To quote Dexter’s Laboratory “It is not the beard on the outside that counts, but the beard on the inside.” —TheBassMeister

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Showing emotions. —Monkey_theKinkyMonk


Embarrassing medical issues. Finally decided to get rid of a decent sized hemmoroidal skin tag that I have had for years. It never changed size, it was just there, figurative pain in the ass to clean my ass too. But I’m glad it is finally gone. Having so much fun recovering! /s —MooKids


Their height —FreeMathematician533

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Penis size. If you know how to use it and your sexual partner gets pleasure, what does it matter if it big, small, fat or thin. —rraacchhyyy


Being a virgin. Really, it pisses me off that people jokes about guys being virgins. I used to do it all the time and I seriously regret it, shits weird. Honestly the guy will get some eventually, so what if he takes a little longer than most people. Or if he doesn’t want to that’s fine too, it really doesn’t matter so can people just leave it the f-ck alone —dagonz7


How much you can lift bro. Just lift. Even if it’s only a couple of feathers. —nutrap

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Taking care of your skin. —Bizz_arre


Having to use the restroom. Your date will understand natural needs. She won’t understand why you’re all quiet and shifty after dinner. —eatplayruneat


Not having interest in sports. It’s just one of many types of hobbies and entertainment, not some integral part of manhood. —blindedbyhindsight

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Crying. I think it’s stupid that some people say that it’s not right for a male to cry or be upset. It’s natural. —GeekyGirl033


Not being able to swing an axe and split a log on the first few tries. —YouTooCat


Asking for help. Especially when it’s about mental health or other trauma. More people need to get help and know they are supported. Emotions don’t make you less of a man. We are all human let’s start acting like we care about each other. —picklelake

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Acting “feminine,” if you want to cook, cook, if you want to be a fashion designer even though you’re not gay, be one, wear pink, wear that kilt, talk about and wear makeup, support those women’s rights, be there for your significant other, it shouldn’t be considered “girly” to be a nice person and have emotions —Gryffindork1995


Enjoying things generally meant for women. Like hand lotion, nice smells, getting your hair done. You are no less a man because you like to pamper yourself.

I know plenty of guys who wear women’s deodorant because they want to smell like lavender and not “Wolfspluge” or whatever. —SalemScout


Their income. —goombalover13

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Admitting you can’t do “man stuff” around other men who can. Example, my brother is a motorcyclist. He knows motorcycles, basic maintenance etc, I don’t. Around him & his mc buddies I freely admit I don’t know or care about them.

Example 2:not knowing in-depth about electrical, carpentry, plumbing etc etc. I can do basic stuff. My fiancees cousin could build a deck, install a toilet, rewire the breaker box by himself. Good for you, that’s awesome!!!

But many guys can’t. Doesn’t make you less of a “man”. —irs21


Showing his mom affection. —MarketResponsible719


Anything. If he’s a good person and does his best, why should he be ashamed of anything at all? —WitzEndSendHelp