Parents Are Sharing Stories Of The Times Their Crafty Kids Outsmarted Them

You know, we don’t give children the credit they deserve. On their journey toward adulthood, it’s only natural for them to use their curiosity and critical-thinking skills. Much to their parents’ dismay, however.

Point being: kids are effing smart, and we often don’t treat them like they are.

Writer Ed O’Loughlin knows the genius of children all too well. Earlier this week he tweeted a nice little anecdote about how his 12-year-old daughter got the best of him.

Absolutely brilliant.

O’Loughlin’s tweet received 360.6k likes and 32.5k retweets. It also launched a large digital conversation where parents shared ways their kids outsmarted them.

Parents took to O’Loughlin’s replies to share their stories in solidarity.

Turns out, children are truly evil masterminds.

We feel bad for laughing, but… actually, no. This is all incredible.

Some people even shared their own brilliant plans from when they were kids.

Can we all agree that nobody does social engineering as well as children do?