People Share Stories Of the Celebrities They Wish They’d Never Met

21. Patrick Ewing

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I met Patrick Ewing at the Newark airport when the Knicks were peak 90’s challenging the Bulls for the east every year. OMG it’s one of my heros! 9 year old me goes to approach and ask for an autograph to which he replied “get away from me kid”. F-cking heartbroken. —IamWetfart

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22. Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian

Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian, we met them in Cancun, they were snobby and stuck up (this was right after Mason was born), they had no interaction with Mason and the nanny did everything. They were SUPER offended that not everyone at the airport knew who they were. —Remarkable-Mango-159

23. Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake

This was when I was working a drive thru at a burger king, around 2002-2003~ or so. He came up at the drive thru with someone else driving, but he was sticking his head out like “HEY HEY HEY” at us. I didn’t really recognize him but he asked if we knew who he was, and I said no but my coworker said yes. Then he looked at me like “you don’t know?” and was just really confused.

My coworker said it was justin timberlake, and he said “YEAH, HELLLOO, COME ON MAN”. He then sort of just had small talk, he asked us how work was, how our day was. But here’s the thing, the entire time, he is leaning all the way over on the driver, who is clearly horribly uncomfortable and a bit crushed by him leaning over on him.

He asked me if I was from the middle east, and I said no, and he clearly didnt listen and then said “yeah that sucks, sorry for the whole afghanistan thing”.

He then asked us if we wanted his autograph, and we said sure, and he wrote it down and gave it to us. He then said bye and left.

It was all in all a really funny experience and I try not to let it influence my view of him because he was clearly on something, but he just came off a bit like a big goofy attention loving ass the entire time. —willmaster123

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24. James Franco

James Franco, though I technically didn’t meet him but sat in on a panel he did at a film festival. I was in HS and was at the festival with 3 friends, when we got word he was doing a Q&A about one of his movies that thad just come out and we got really excited. We waited over an hour to get in to see the panel.

We were let into the room where we waited another 45 min for him to show up. When he did show up boy looked ROUGH. It was almost 4pm and he looked beyond hung over. His clothes were dirty, he obv hadn’t showered, and he spent more time talking to the floor than anything else. But the cherry on top? His ego could have filled the room. Every question that was asked he made into a story about how great he was, both actor, director, and producer. I do think some of his stuff is funny, but he’s a B actor at best.

I remember clear as day some woman asked him to describe a role that was “challenging for him and how he over came it” he just laughed at her.

The Q&A ended up being so boring I fell asleep in my chair. 0/10 —Stayinschool-tty

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25. NOT Don Cheadle

I was the ass. I saw Don cheadle at an airport and was thinking about oceans 11 and said to my friend “dude it’s Bernie Mac” and he looked back and said “no I’m the other black guy from oceans 11 but at least you liked the movie” —heanbangerfacerip2