People Share Stories Of the Celebrities They Wish They’d Never Met

11. Alec Baldwin

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Me and my sister saw Alec Baldwin, Tina Fey, and Salma Hayek on the street when we were eating lunch. They were just coming out of a car, about to go into some building next to us. We had no idea why they were together but in retrospect it was definitely because they were filming 30 rock together.

My sister said “OH MY GOD IS THAT TINA FEY??” and Alec Baldwin turned around and went right in her face and said “dont f-cking say that, dont speak to us, why would you say something like that? You cant speak to us, not now”. But it didn’t really end there, he yelled AGAIN at us outside his building, saying “DONT LOOK OVER HERE, TURN AROUND AND EAT YOUR FOOD, F-CK OFF”.

He sounded genuinely furious at us. Almost like he wanted us to yell back and start something with him. Honestly my sister was on the verge of tears, it was horribly embarrassing. Everybody knows, now, that Alec Baldwin has a history of screaming at people. But at the time we had no idea. Don’t get me wrong, my sister shouldn’t have yelled at Tina Fey like that, but the way Alec snapped was straight up scary, like he was about to physically hurt her.

Salma Hayek and some other lady who I didn’t recognize came over and apologized to us. She asked if we wanted her to go and get Tina and get her autograph because apparently Tina felt bad too, but we said no. She then talked to us about the food we were eating, which was mexican food, and we ended up having a brief conversation about NY’s lack of quality mexican food. She was INCREDIBLY charismatic and sweet. —melbornycarhorder67

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12. Jared Leto…Again.

Jared Leto. I worshipped him as a teenager, mainly from seeing him in Requiem for a Dream and My So-Called Life and his band. But he was the most pretentious and arrogant person in real life. Never meet your heroes —Andrew_TDaG

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13. Prince Andrew

Prince Andrew, spent a lot of time around him about 10 years ago, as working at private social events he attended. The guy is a total prick. —Supergeeman

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14. Shane Dawson

I met Shane Dawson at a restaurant i used to work at. He used to come in a few times a year with his fiancé and in laws. He’s a d-ck lol none of my servers liked him or wanted to serve his family, and I damn near had to fight some little girls off the property because they would not leave without seeing him. —stepsintooblivion

15. Hulk Hogan

when i was 6 or 7 hulk hogan pretend wrestlemania chased me out of a board room I wasnt supposed to be playing around in at little league complex. (cross bayou in Pinellas county)

anyways the story is my dad was coaching a game for my brothers team. I went to go sneak around in an empty room. Hulks son played baseball there too and he must have seen me sneak in the room.

I was hiding under the front desk when he came in with his hulk voice “whose sneaking around in here” and 7 year old me nearly had a heart attack. he play chased me out of the room while i snuck out acting like he couldnt see me. Looking back at it you can tell he was just having fun with a kid and his famous persona. But at the time i was absolutely traumatized and nobody believed my story. —CLXIX

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16. Bill Nye

Bill Nye the science guy.

I was on a field trip in middle school and our teacher saw him. She politely asked if he could say something to us or just say hi- we always watched him in science class. He told her to f-ck off and basically berated her for bothering him and asking him to speak to a bunch of kids.

I’m not sure if he was just having a bad day, but it was not the best experience as a child. —Vohcals

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17. James Brown

I met James Brown back in the 80s when I lived in Vail. The man was dissatisfied with everything and generally drunk. Absolute flip side was meeting Mr. Rogers when I was at Pitt. That man was the real deal. —Mike-ipedia

18. Diana Ross

Diana Ross. I worked in a health club in a hotel across the street from a stadium when I was young. She came in, looked at the pool (which was a really decent lap pool) and said, “My bathtub is bigger than this.”. I replied, “Go back to your bathtub then.”

She wanted me fired instantly. HR told me to go home for 2 days because if they fired everyone she wanted fired, the hotel wouldn’t have any staff. —ElizabethGlass

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19. Drake

I wouldn’t say disappointing as I never was eager to meet him but Drake. Drake was just unprofessional and egotistical when I worked with him both times.

This was before he got big big, first award show type level. He’s told me to f-ck off directly and I watched his mom calm him down from a tantrum. —unKaJed

20. Bill Cosby

Bill cosby, before all his rapeyness was publically known. He came to the restaurant in dc where I was a hostess. I came to get him for his table and he said “did you need a college degree for this job?” Erm, no, man. Have you never met a server before? —Beautifulnumber38

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