People Share Stories Of the Celebrities They Wish They’d Never Met

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We will never get tired of stories about celebrities being rude, whether it’s from waiters, restaurant hosts, personal assistants, or anyone who has ever come in contact with Anna Kendrick. This question posted by Redditor u/moneybot13 is an absolute well of rude celebrity stories for our eternal thirst.

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“What famous person did you regret meeting because they were an ass?” they asked.

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A lot of people on this list aren’t too surprising, especially the many appearances of Jared Leto. Jared Leto seems to go out of his way to let people know he’s terrible, so he’d probably be gad to se his own name so much. Then there are some people on the list it’s pretty disappointing to see, so if you don’t want any of your illusions ruined, stop reading.

But you know you won’t:

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1. Tiger Woods

Met tiger woods when I was 15. He slapped my hat out of my hand. A different golfer whom I didn’t know ran up, picked up my hat and asked if his signature would be ok. I agreed but I don’t know who he was or what his name was but my grandpa was pleased upon seeing it. —DustiestSquid2

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2. Jared Leto

Jared Leto. I sat next to him on a flight from Monterey, Mexico back in 2018. Absolute A**hole —SamRam97

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3. Pauly Shore

Late to this but Pauly Shore. It was mid 90’s in NY city and wife and I were at a very popular Asian restaurant with a huge wait. He walks in with an entourage and tries to worm his way ahead of everyone else.

He tried to play the ‘don’t you know who I am?’ card. Hostess was having none of it, said don’t know, don’t care, you’ll wait. They left in a huff. —cheeky-snail

4. Jared Leto! Again

Jared Leto. Hit on my girlfriend at the time, and called me fat. His brother Shannon was super nice though. —breakingjosh0

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5. David Cross

David Cross is pretty miserable. He’s from Atlanta and his sister runs a food truck in town. Her recipes were all named after David Cross/Arrested Development type stuff.

So my wife and I being fans of David asked about it and she told us she was his sister. So for months we chat her up any time we order food from her truck, and eventually David’s in town.

She invites us to come to the food truck park to meet him, so we bring a poster from the early 2000s and are super pumped to meet him. We get there and she’s very anxious and hesitant to introduce us. Weird, but ok.

“No no no, it’s OK I’ll introduce you.” She does and he was incredibly dismissive and unpleasant. Never heard of anyone having a good interaction with him. —Antilon

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6. Kurt Vonnegut

Kurt Vonnegut. I had to get in touch with him frequently for work (at a nonprofit) for several years. He was never once even vaguely polite. —ardent_hellion

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7. Beyoncé’s Dad

Beyonce’s dad. Jerk to wait staff.

Snoop and his dad were awesome, though. That, bar none, was and forever will be my favorite bartending gig. —_aliasinvestigations

8. Wayne Brady

Wayne Brady screamed at my sister for taking his picture in Vegas. She wasn’t taking his picture, he walked into the shot. He freaked out screaming that he wanted her to show him that she was deleting it. She was trying to explain she didn’t even know he was there and showed him the picture that only had a sliver of him in it when she looked through the shots.

He continued to berate her about not respecting his privacy (in the middle of the Strip). She was in tears apologizing for doing nothing wrong and he never acknowledged he was in the wrong and continued to badmouth her as he stormed away. Can’t watch him anymore. —bdoc01

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9. Bobby Flay

Bobby flay, we paid hundreds of dollars to go to a fancy event he was participating in. Waited for a long ass time to just meet him and say hi, he looked at us and walked away. Was a d-ck about it too —brockisawesome

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10. Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson. He was a childhood idol of mine.

I got the opportunity to get a photo with him at some booth at a trade show called “Internet World” years ago during the dot com boom.

No one was in line to get pictures with him so I walked up to get a photo while he was apparently trying to get the girls in the next booth over to sleep with him.. He acted all bugged that I asked for a photo, even though that is what he was hired for and rolled his eyes.. I guess he thought I c-ck blocked him by just showing up in line to get a picture.

I tossed the picture in the trash once I got it. Later that day I got a ball signed by Steve Garvey who was super nice. He replaced Reggie Jackson as my hero that night. —clanggedin

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