21 Ways ‘Harry Potter’ Would Change If It Was Set In The U.S.

11. I see what you did there

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they would change ‘philosopher’s stone’ to ‘sorcerer’s stone’ —DodGamnBunofaSitch

12. Juggalo Dudley

Dudley would’ve been a Juggalo —sprtsjnk247

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13. More basketball

Seeing as the book is set during the early 90’s, probably a few more mentions of what an incredible run Michael Jordan and the Bulls were having —BargainBrandEngineer

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14. More prisoners

Azkaban would be at full capacity —outtsideyerhouse

15. Confederate Death Eaters

Tom Riddle and the War of Wizard Aggression —Softpipesplayon

16. Wizard Walmart

No train ride to Hogwarts. Instead, parents will be dropping them off by car. A huge parking lot just outside Hogwarts, and instead of Diagon Alley, a large Walmart exists surrounded by nothing more than another parking lot —cgyguy81

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17. Different names

Instead of Harry, Ron and Hermione, their names would be Dylan, Ron and Hannah. (Sorry Ron, you’re just a Ron.) They drink Mountain Dew. Diagon Alley is a Simon Malls property. Hagrid is played by John Goodman. Dumbledore is played by Samuel L. Jackson. The Weasley’s flying car is a black Dodge Ram with truck nuts and a gun rack. —profpluminthehall

18. Thanksgiving adventures

There would be an adventure (like the ones on Halloween and Christmas) on Thanksgiving —Acceptable-Record267

19. Guns again

Harry Potter and the chamber is loaded —didnsignup4dis

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20. Qualified immunity

Aurors would have immunity from using unforgivable curses —iamjaidan

21. Ok, true

No one would have a British accent —choodessny-droog