21 Ways ‘Harry Potter’ Would Change If It Was Set In The U.S.

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Part of the appeal of Harry Potter as a series is floating through a quaint and largely imaginary version of the U.K., particularly in the films which allow viewers to drown in English accents for hours at a time. Little wizards traveling through the expansive countryside is as important to the story as learning how to use magic. It’s hard to imagine Harry and co. living anywhere else, but as a mental exercise it turns out to be pretty funny.

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“If Harry Potter was set in the United States, how would the story change?” asked Redditor u/Cuish.

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The answers lean heavily on some U.S. stereotypes that walk the line of offense, probably, but in most cases are just pretty funny. Everything from the location to the characters to the basic rules of Harry Potter World magic would be influenced, making it a much less charming universe. But also a more exciting one, it seems:

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1. Focus on athletics over academics

Quidditch coach is the highest paid “professor” at the school —King_Neptune07

2. Cars over trains

Harry would probably live in New Jersey. Ron would probably live in Kentucky or Tennessee, and Hermione would probably be from California. They would go to Ileverany (I spelled it wrong it’s the North American wizard in school), which is in Massachusetts. There would be a train but only for people in Boston-New York-Philly-DC corridor. Everyone else would use flying cars. Outside of that it is a typical American boarding school. —Yevin523

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3. Security nightmares

The kids run through a magic wall and still have to go through wizard TSA —fotografamerika

4. Eagles over owls

Eagles instead of Owls.

Sasquatch instead of Centaurs —ZenosTrucker

5. Different food

Taco Tuesdays at the Great Hall —Honest_Joseph

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6. Quidditch sponsors

This quidditch match is brought to you today on ESPN by Swiffer, the official broom of the Quidditch Cup. —Jimmers1231

7. Great casting

Nathan Fillion would’ve been cast as Guilderoy Lockhart —Keep_SummerSafe

8. Snape

Snape would have fallen to his death from Nakatomi Tower. —mainlyupsetbyhumans

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9. Southwest Ron

Ron would be from a farm and wear a cowboy hat. —DeborahIsabela

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10. More guns

Master has given Dobby a Glock! —Mal_Reynolds11