Men Are Sharing The Wholesome “Guy Secrets” Women Don’t Know About (15 Secrets)

There are so many stereotypes out there about men: they have no emotions, they only want to have sex, they don’t care how they look, they live for sports. Of course, most people know men are not just a collection of dumb stereotypes. Just in case though, some men on Reddit are sharing the “guy secrets” that they think women don’t know about—and some are actually very wholesome.

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1. Guys treasure compliments

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“We hold on to compliments for an absurdly long time. I was told I had pretty eyes once and for sometimes it was the only part of my face that I liked.” — Randomdude0671

2. They have feelings

“Honestly, that I have feelings and insecurities just as much as women. I constantly feel like I’m supposed to put my feelings and desires on the back burner because ‘man up.’ Sometimes sex isn’t what I want, I just want to snuggle and feel the emotional connection of someone who respects that I can be insecure or anxious sometimes.” — StrikerPost

3. Men cry alone

“Sometimes we get overwhelmed by life and just cry, where nobody can see us. That can be in a room we are in by ourselves with the door closed, to a silent car ride home, or even the shower.” — KentuckyFriedEel

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4. Post-coital brain blank

“After ejaculation, our brain just resets. I have been in a situation, where I ‘did the thing’ and after saw that there was a fire alarm in the roof. I thought that the thing was interesting and started thinking, how the apparatus works. Thinking about: if there is uranium inside, what could I do with it, how it works, how much smoke it needs to sound the alarm, have I tested it etc. All this within 15 secs, same time my fiancee cuddling me.” — surruri

5. Some men are cautious

“I will intentionally slow down or change my path if I’ve been walking behind the same woman for too long. That’s how worried I am about coming off as a creep. I suspect I’m not the only guy who does this.” — matt_sheiman

6. Giving lovers

“We do really care that you finish. For me that’s important anyways.” — michaelscott1776

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7. Men wanna be cuddled

“Compliments make us feel good, we want to be cuddled too.” — xavier_grayson

8. Sometimes they have to adjust

“Also, please don’t get grossed out or judge us if we have to adjust our junk. Sometimes they just get in a weird position. It can be really uncomfortable and sometimes painful.” — dendei_sensei

9. Guys fake it too

“Guys can fake orgasms.” — Kaizen-5

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10. Sometimes stereotypes are true

“Sometimes the stereotypes about guys are true and we do want an expensive ratchet set for our birthday.” — SaintAngrier

11. Guys are self-conscious

“Guy are self conscious about their facial hair. A lot of guys want a beard but not everyone can grow one. If you tell a guy he has a thick beard or nice facial hair, it might make their day.” — dendei_sensei

12. Guys can be dense

“Sometimes we’re as dense as floorboards. A girl could be waving her phone in your face and you’re thinking, ‘I hope she doesnt drop it, it looks expensive.'” — _Cessation_

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13. Guys like romance

“Guys want romance too. We have feelings. Most of us just aren’t comfortable showing them. Surprise us with dates. Hug us. Don’t make us do all the work. Make us feel loved too. That’s truly all a lot of us want in the world.” —Throw_away91251952

14. Guys have urinal rules

“Funny one/one guys generally do not discuss with women: there are urinal rules when peeing. If no one is there- take a corner. If there is a urinal with a guy on the right, and nobody to the left remotely – go as far from said guy as possible.” — chuckb694

15. Not always into sports

“There is a sizeable portion of the male population that has no interest in sports.” — lostwanderer02

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