Grandma’s Wholesome Reaction To Her Grandson In Drag Goes Viral On TikTok

Ever since she was a child, drag queen Twink Trash uses sewing to express herself, and she has her grandma to thank for that talent.

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“Bebe,” which is what Twink Trash affectionately calls her grandma, passed down her sewing skills and now gets to see them in action via Twin Trash’s elaborate drag costumes. And by elaborate, we mean jaw-dropping costumes.

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Just take a look at this one, which Twink Trash posted on her Instagram in January.

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Creative, outrageous, skilled, and eye-catching all at once.

When she is finished with a new look, she likes to show it off to the person who helped develop the skills that bring those looks to life—Grandma.

Twink Trash also uses TikTok to promote their work as a drag artist, and one particular video of her grandma is bringing their designs some much-deserved attention.

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A couple weeks ago, Twink Trash uploaded a grandma reaction that was so wholesome, the video received 3.3 million views and 763K likes.

Twink Trash called her grandma into the room to show off a recent costume design. And it. is. STUNNING.

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Just thinking of the creativity it took to design it, then the time it took to create it is making our brains do somersaults. This is some TALENT.

And grandma agrees, because when she walked in and… We’ll actually let her face do the talking.

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Truly, with that kind of work, anything less than grandma’s reaction is just unacceptable.

The final result basically rendered her speechless.

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Of course, she had to take pictures. She has to show everyone at church!


More Bebe reactions :,) she’s kinda the best! Check out my insta (twinktrash if you want to support my drag! #drag #dragqueen #fyp #foryou #sewing

♬ original sound – Twink Trash
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Nothing is better than a grandparent that’s proud of their grandchild, that’s for sure.