Men Are Sharing Their Female Role Models And It’s Incredibly Wholesome (20 Posts)

As a mom, I try and encourage my son to look for role models and heroes everywhere.

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Women can have male role models, men can have female role models—it doesn’t matter as long as the person inspires you to explore, learn, be a better person, and dream.

On Reddit, men are sharing their female role models and heroes, and it’s incredibly wholesome.

From scientists to artists, family members to famous musicians—this list is a great look at how women can impact men’s lives and encourage them to pursue their goals.

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1. Xena

“Pretended to be Xena all the time as a kid.” — modernmartialartist

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2. Hedy Lamarr

“She was an actress who also invented a frequency hopping spread spectrum communication for torpedo guidance.” — JohnnyTNT

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3. Marie Curie

“Marie Curie took one for the team.” — B00STERGOLD

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4. Dolly Parton


“She’s brilliant, brave, determined, and generous. Her charity work is incredible. And she’s quite progressive *when that’s not her cultural background* — I admire anyone who had to think out their views and go against the grain, much more than someone who has ‘perfect’ politics because those views got approval in their community.” — intet42

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5. Lucille Ball

“Lucille Ball didn’t take no f**kin’ s**t, did she? She did it all at a time when women weren’t allowed to do f**kin’ any of it, and she just said, ‘Oh, is that right? …so anyway.’ Pretty badass.” — LudusRex

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6. Eleanor Roosevelt

“She championed human rights and anti-poverty programs.” — Cipius

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7. Harriet Tubman

“Tiny, 5 ft tall, illiterate former slave, who was a spy for the north, worked as a battle strategist, and freed over 300 slaves. Absolute badass.” — StevesMcQueenIsHere

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8. Joan of Arc

“She carried the French Army on her massive shoulders to take back the Kingdom and take Orleans back from the Englishmen.” — Iltruism

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9. Ripley from Alien

“A believable character who acts like a regular person, not full of B.S. Hollywood bravado. When everyone else who’s louder and more badass gets taken out and she’s the only capable person left, she rises to the occasion and finds a way to prevail.” — bobert13581

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10. Simone Giertz

“Her mentality around building sh–ty things intentionally to make it okay to not always succeed helped me with similar performance anxiety. She’s also a very good person.” — twa982

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11. A Manager At The Charity Shop

“The manager I had when I volunteered in a charity shop. I was in a very bad place in my life, and she helped to coax me out of my shell, and build my confidence. And she told customers who were rude to me to f**k off (I’m a little person, so I tend to attract jerks). She was so classy while not taking anyone’s s**t, and she was unflappable in any situation. I aspire to be like her one day.” — Usidore_

12. Elizabeth Friedman

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“Elizabeth Friedman was a badass mathematical genius who used her code-breaking skills to help bring down some of the biggest mobsters in the 1930s while they were busy running circles around law enforcement. More importantly, she was responsible for breaking up Nazi spy rings in the 1940s, particularly in South America, and helped turn the tide of major conflicts that very possibly shifted the outcome of World War II.

And she did all of it while being mocked, dismissed, and forced to keep her work secret by order of the government. Nobody knew her contributions in taking down the Nazis until after she died and her work was declassified. Everyone should know this amazing woman who sought neither accolades nor credit for doing what her male counterparts couldn’t even begin to comprehend.” — Bma1500

13. Mary Shelley

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She was the daughter of two very famous authors, married an even more famous poet, and most of her circle was comprised of famous (male) writers like Lord Byron and Leigh Hunt. Despite this, she still held her own and wrote a world-renowned work of literature that is arguably far more influential than anything Percy or Lord Byron. S**t, the only people who read Byron or Percy Shelley in their entirety are academics like me, but everyone has heard of Frankenstein.” — StudebakerHotch

14. Debby Rihn-Harvey

“She’s a retired Southwest Airlines captain, longest-running member of the US Aerobatic team, has competed in 15 world championships and is on the Board of Directors of the International Aerobatics Club. She’s also been inducted into multiple aviation halls of fame. More importantly, as an FAA-designated examiner, she tested me and granted my private pilot’s license. She’s accomplished, smart as all get out and an all-around great person.” — SpaceDave83

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15. Constance Tipper

“She is an absolute unsung hero in materials science. During WW2 the US began the astonishing all-welded ‘liberty ship’ program which had never been done before to supply the UK with essential supplies.

The problem was some of the ships would CATASTROPHICALLY (and at times fatally) break in half out of nowhere (the photos are astonishing). Many feared it was the welds and almost stopped the program which would have been catastrophic for supplying the UK in need.

Tipper managed to prove it was in fact the type of steel they were using was going through a ductile-brittle transition (Below a certain temp the steel was incredibly brittle and in the cold waters of the Atlantic combined with the twisting of the waves it would snap ships in two out of nowhere.) The test she developed is to this day known as the ‘Tipper Test’ and still used. Thus her work saved the liberty ship program and kept Britain supplied.

She was also the first full-time fellow of the engineering department at Cambridge University. She was the first person to use a scanning electron microscope to study fracture faces, and she dealt with and fought through the intense sexism of her being a female engineer.

Once invited as the keynote speaker at a dinner for her fantastic work that impressed the Royal Society, but was disinvited because the society members thought she was a man and got a note basically saying ‘No women allowed sorry. Here’s a box of chocolates instead.'” — Theman227

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16. Sophie Scholl

“Sophie Scholl, active member of a non-violent resistance group against Nazi Germany. If I remember correctly, she was executed for distributing pamphlets promoting her cause. She stood up for others even in the face of death. I deeply admire that.” — Bird-in-a-suit

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17. Nina Simone

“Nina Simone, man. She did things her way and didn’t give a f**k what people thought. It’s a shame so many people did her dirty throughout her life.” — ForMethheadPorpoises

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18. Grandma

“My late grandmother. At 54 she decided to become a cop because she wanted to help people on a personal level. So she quit her clerical job and trained and trained and eventually joined a PD, where she was shortly fired for refusing to ruin people’s lives over things she didn’t think warranted it (like kids with marijuana and stuff, she would just make people stomp it out on the road or take their paraphernalia), she would personally drive people released from jail to AA meetings, help them find housing and even put them up for a short time if needed.

She ended up working at a very small PD about an hour from where she originally lived and moved out there and even though she’s been gone for almost 8 years people still know of her out there. A lot of people talk about doing shit but she really did it.

She was one of the bravest, most compassionate people I’ve ever met and probably ever will meet. She did all this in spite of my grandfather opposing her every step of the way, in fact they never divorced but did ‘separate’ (they’re boomers). She was just a really strong amazing woman.” — SplashDaddyZorgborg

19. Emma Goldman

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Emma Goldman was a straight up G.”

20. Emmy Noether

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“Absolutely the most significant mathematical/physics result of all time.

For those who don’t know, she proved that symmetries in a system directly mean a derivable conservation law. Conservation of linear momentum? That’s a direct result of ‘here’ being the same as ‘there.’ Conservation of angular momentum? That’s a direct result of facing ‘this way’ being the same as facing ‘that way.’ Conservation of energy? That’s a result of ‘this moment in time’ being the same as ‘that moment in time.’ Absolutely beautiful and brilliant result.” — N8CCRG

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