18 Dads Reveal What Made Them Like Their Daughters’ Boyfriends

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Taking someone home to meet your parents can be a terrifying and anxiety-inducing experience. You’re probably in love with this person and you want your family to accept them, and it can go either way. Parents are protective of their children, and this is especially true for fathers and daughters.

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In a recent Reddit thread, fathers got candid about their daughters and their dating lives.

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The conversation began after one user asked the question:

“Dads who have daughters, which was your favorite boyfriend, and what made him stand out?”

The answers were absolutely heartwarming, and we couldn’t get enough. The fathers and partners bonded over everything from fishing to TV shows and even stayed in touch after the daughters had moved on.

Now, without further ado, here are 18 fathers who adored their daughters’ partners.

1. “He was good to her…”

The one she married. He was good to her, respectful and considerate of her, which we first noticed, and it was mutual. In the past few years they’ve been absolutely terrific parents, too.

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2. “They were hard workers, responsible, trustworthy, and devoted.”

I have three married daughters and this describes each one of my sons in law. In each case, it was clear they made her feel loved, they were obviously happy in each other’s presence, doing things to have fun together and laughing a lot. They were hard workers, responsible, trustworthy, and devoted.


3. “He is a better person than me…”

The one she married. He is a better person than me in every way that matters. She made a great choice.


4. He’s a true partner

My dad said: “You know, your mom and I are always watching. We’re watching how he helps you out of the car, how when you’re struggling with your bag he lends a hand. We see when you fall asleep on the couch how he scratches your head. We see him taking care of you and you taking care of him. My daughter you are a helper and a caretaker, it is so wonderful to see that the person you chose does that too. You’ve dated some selfish guys in the past and your mom and I saw those guys let you struggle and not lend a hand. We are so happy to see that you’ve found a partner.”

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5. The one who asked for help

It was the one who asked for help.His parents are shitty people. Mom smokes a lot of dope and I never seen her sober. I kicked the boy out MY house for his issues and told him to NEVER come back. Several month’s later, in the early morning hours and a cold a freezing day, he knocked on my door. I opened it up and could see he left his home in a quick manner wearing nothing but pajamas and had a blanket around him. He said, “I can’t do my parents bullshit anymore”

I nodded for him to come in and pointed to a couch where he could sleep. There wasn’t any word words spoken between us. He figured out his own bullshit and moved to his sisters house out in Oregon. He became a respectable person. He at a disadvantage because his parents were shitty people, but he has earned enough redemption to borrow my tools, my truck, and my respect.

My daughter decided he wasn’t the right one for her and moved on. The kid and I are still good friends.


6. No comparison

My daughter(23) is still with her first BF from high school. No other guys to compare him too but clearly they are making it work for 5+ years, so that’s good.


7. “Solid guy.”

Her most recent one with whom she ended things, when she moved across the country.

He was considerably older, but I raised her to make good decisions for herself, so that wasn’t an issue.

He treated her like a lady, didn’t infringe upon her freedom, supported her ambitions, and didn’t impose upon her time. He even came to me asking if I would mind if he helped pay a specific part of her education when she was finishing her masters degree.

When they broke up, he still helped her move to Florida from OK, got her set up, and went home.

Solid guy. Good man.

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8. He’s supportive

The current one. Reason #1: He is very supportive of her. Her previous boyfriends, if I may make a generalization, tended to be good-looking posers and self-centered. The current one (and now fiancé) is the most unselfish, considerate booster of her and her ambitions.


9. An absolute gem

Am a Dad. My daughter had some, well, interesting boyfriends (and a girlfriend). Her current boyfriend is an absolute gem. A couple of months ago she became severely ill, and seeing how he’s cared for her, supported her, just been there for her during her recovery has been a joy to watch. So grateful for him.


10. Grandfather status pending…

The one she is with now. We have never seen her happier in a relationship. He is a great guy. They are planning on starting a family. I can’t wait to be a grandfather.

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11. Homie was gay

Caleb, my daughter’s first boyfriend. We liked him because he was gay, but didn’t know it yet.


12. He’s hardworking and then some

My daughters fiancé. He treats her awesome and he’s the hardest working guy I’ve met. He even goes to the gym for an hour everyday after work. He’s polite and respectful and good with money. He doesn’t even drink or smoke. It seems impossible but it’s true. They’ve been together for years and are very happy.


13. Girlfriends too!

Boyfriends specifically or significant others in general? My daughter has an awesome girlfriend. They’re both still in college. They video chat daily or almost daily because they have a semi-long distance relationship (they both go to different schools). My wife and I started our relationship with nightly telephone calls so our relationship started with communication. Communication is important to my daughter and her SO as well, which I think is going to make for a lasting relationship. (The fact her SO loves dad jokes means she and I get along well.)

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14. Classy

He was just out of high school, a few years older than her. He called me up to let me know she’d had a big fight with her mom and was staying over.

She was very close to their family at the time so it was a natural refuge, but his parents were out and he felt honor-bound to inform me what was up.

Classy move.


15. No one better

Years ago, my stepdaughter’s bf visited our house one evening, alone, and showed us the ring. He wanted our permission to ask her to marry him. We couldn’t have picked a better son in law.


16. He knew his sh-t

I remember the night my son introduced me to his boyfriend. I quizzed him about all kinds of things from fishing to muscle cars. The kid knew his shit. Then we got to talking about Star Wars and Star Trek and everything in between.

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17. Happy & hopeful

I have two daughters, 22 & 24. One is bisexual and has had both boyfriends and girlfriends. The other is straight. My favorites have been the partners who, when my daughters are with them, my daughters are happy and hopeful about life, and who don’t bring a lot of relationship drama. Bonus points for partners who have goals and prospects in life and who are relaxed and match our family vibe.


18. He’s perfect for her…

Her current one, her fiancé. He cooks, he’s a good person, kind, considerate. She can get stubborn and hot tempered, and he counterbalances that better than anybody I’ve seen, myself and my wife included. He’s perfect for her.