Dad Walks In On Son Putting Makeup On While Filming Video And People Are Loving His Reaction

dad catches son wearing makeup
Nxnnii Diorr/YouTube

A video of a father walking in on his son putting on makeup is going viral again for all the best reasons.

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TikToker @nxnn.ii also creates videos for his YouTube channel, and last July, he shared a lengthy video of him trying on makeup for a video only to be caught by surprise by his father.

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The teen’s body language clearly changes as he hears his father off-screen. After a brief hesitation, he shuts off all the surrounding lights in an attempt to avoid being caught all made up.

But as he sits there in the dark, his father repeatedly calls out to him by the nickname “Papa” and turns the lights back on.

The supportive father puts his hand on his son’s shoulder and asks him if this is what he wants to do, then tells him “if this is what you want to do, you’ll be okay. I’ll be okay with you.”

They hug it out as dad of the year tells him that he loves him and encourages him to “do it, but do it good” if this is what makes him happy.

“I’m always with you,” he says, before adding in Spanish, “I won’t let you down in anything. Be happy.”

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The video was picked up by several TikTok channels recently, including, whose repost last month has gathered over 11 million views and a whole lot of comments.

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“I wish all parents were like this,” wrote @jose19103.

“That’s a role model for a father,” added @akdkekekkl. “We need more fathers like this in the world.”

Unfortunately, @nxnn.ii mentioned in a comment that his father has been deported since the video was recorded. He also shared a lengthier video explaining everything that happened with his family beyond the video.