People Are Showing Off Their Transformations After Moving Out Of Conservative Homes

Growing up in a conservative household may be great for some people, but for many, it’s less than ideal.

This is particularly true for anyone in the LGBTQ community, or who doesn’t conform to gender norms. It’s difficult to explore your identity and its presentation when your family expects you to stick to the beaten path, and adhere to outdated and restrictive expectations.

And that’s probably why so many people leaving conservative households end up making themselves over, often more drastically than their counterparts. Young adulthood becomes a sort of do-over for the teenage years, in a way. And that’s pretty fantastic.

This has always been the way things are, but with social media, it’s easier to see how this is a full-blown TikTok trend

TikTok user @cherryemojigirl made a video last month sharing her personal journey from growing up conservative to embracing her more colorful side as a 19-year-old in Utah.

“Did anyone else grow up in a really conservative household, so you were never allowed to express yourself through your appearance?” she asks. Her video highlights pictures of her younger self, living under the oppressive thumb of conservative expectations, before cutting to her current appearance — multi-color hair, bright nails, and a solid number of tattoos and piercings.


if you knew me in middle and high school, no you didn’t ❤️ feel free to use this audio #gloup #transformation

♬ growing up conservative glo up - cherryemojigirl

Honestly, you love to see it.

And fortunately, her idea caught on, with others using her audio to share stories of their own post-conservative transformations.


this is called graduating catholic school glow up #greenscreen #fyp

♬ growing up conservative glo up - cherryemojigirl

Graduated 9 years ago and am finally finding out who I am #fyp #glowup

♬ growing up conservative glo up - cherryemojigirl

A number of the videos showed a dramatic shift in gender identity or presentation, and the way these TikTokers clearly feel so much more comfortable as their current selves is inspiring.


I’ve never felt so seen by an audio before.

♬ growing up conservative glo up - cherryemojigirl

If you’re from hs and seeing this, yes I know I wasn’t cool but I’m on ~top~ now. #iykyk #gaytiktok #lesbian #lesbiantiktok #lgbt #lgbtq #fyp #glowup

♬ growing up conservative glo up - cherryemojigirl

my friends arent “PrEpPy” but i had to hop on this audio #greenscreen #fyp

♬ growing up conservative glo up - cherryemojigirl

i had to google how to use tik tok to make this but this has me DYING. how do i find #trans tik tok 👁👄👁

♬ growing up conservative glo up - cherryemojigirl

Breaking free of your roots can be tough, but it’s often tremendously rewarding. If you need anymore inspiration or just want to be reminded that it’s never too late to figure out who you are, just about every single video jumping on this trend is well worth your time.