Brothers Arrested After Allegedly Killing Stepfather Accused Of Sexually Abusing Their 9-Year-Old Sister

Hidalgo County Records

Two teen half-brothers have been arrested after allegedly beating their stepfather to death after their 9-year-old half-sister accused him of sexual assault.

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43-year-old Gabriel Quintanilla was found dead in a Texas field last month. The investigation eventually led back to his stepsons, 18-year-old Alejandro Trevino and 17-year-old Christian Trevino, and their friend, Juan Eduardo Melendez, also 18. 

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According to reports, the brothers went to a trailer park to confront Quintanilla. They got into a physical altercation, and Christian eventually chased him to a nearby apartment complex, where there was another fight, also involving Melendez.

The three left and returned, finding Quintanilla walking injured along the side of the road. The Pharr Police Department says they then beat him with brass knuckles, loaded him in their truck, and left him in a field in McAllen, Texas. It is believed he was still alive at the time, although he later died.
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After Quintanilla’s body was found, it was discovered that he had a 2019 warrant out for his arrest from a previous case in which he was accused of sexual assault by a different minor. That abuse allegedly took place continuously from 2014 to 2016, also in Pharr.

After connecting the three teens to the crime, police charged all three with aggravated assault and engaging in criminal activity. Additionally, Christian and Melendez have been charged with capital murder.

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Despite the brutality, many are calling for all three to be released on the grounds that they were ultimately just standing up for their sister.

“The system failed this little girl, and these young kids did what the law [failed to do]. They are innocent. Let’s free them,” reads one comment on a petition directed to Texas Governor Greg Abbott. It has received over 450,000 signatures in support of freeing the teens at this time.