Australians Share The Positive Things They’ve Experienced During Lockdown

Maybe Australians are just sunnier people. But when I think of experiencing life during a pandemic, I can’t quite convince myself that there are that many positives. And even if positive things happened, I’m not sure my anxiety-riddled brain can even appreciate them fully.

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But on Reddit, Australians are sharing the positive things that happened to them during pandemic lockdown, coming across as very wholesome and optimistic in the face of terrible things.

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1. Community Support

“The daughter of a friend of mine had started chemotherapy just before the first lock-down. They were pretty much completely shut-in as she is immunity compromised and they couldn’t risk any of them getting a regular lurgy let alone super-lurgies. Their local IGA owner stayed open after hours just so they can get their grocery shopping done with the store completely to themselves. P.S. She’s in remission now and doing well.” — evmcl

2. Health And Fitness

“2020 lockdown in Sydney I started to eat better, took the time to actually cook (which I love to do but never had time for), and started to go on walks every day of at least 5km. I ended up losing about 12 kilos in a couple of months, which brought me down to my target weight. It was a really big deal for me as I have a heart issue which prevents me from doing strenuous exercise, so keeping in shape always has been a delicate balancing act. This lockdown I’ve bought an inflatable kayak and have taken it out a few times. Other than that this lockdown has been more frustrating than the last.” — JoeSchmeau

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3. Enjoying Time With Your Significant Other

“Being forced to work from home for weeks / months on end has made me realise just how much I will enjoy retirement with my wife. Retirement now has this golden halo around it I never thought possible…. I get to spend the rest of my life with her.” — 20_BuysManyPeanuts

4. Taking It Slow

“Slowing down; the culture of ‘busy’ seems to have disappeared from my radar.” — nic-nacpaddy-wack

5. Increased Family Time

“Spending significantly way more time with my young children. Before Covid, sometimes I’d only see them for an hour a day as I’d leave before they were awake and I got home an hour before their bedtime. My company has now implemented 50% WFH indefinitely. Love waking up with my kids, having breakfast, enjoying lunch and late afternoon with them. Sometimes we all have a cheeky snooze during my lunchbreak.” — Clovis_Merovingian

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6. More Time With Pets

“I’ve spent most of the last two years working from home and in/out of lockdown. Two weeks ago my 14yo German Shepherd passed away. Despite the scary state of things with COVID, I am really happy that we got to spend nearly every day together in his last years. It was the very least I could do for him.” — phyrexia8

7. Getting Pregnant

“I fell pregnant after a decade of being told I was infertile. She’s 3 months old now.” — Femalediction5

8. Mental Health Treatment

“Lockdown forced my mental health into such a bad spot I started experiencing fairly strong psychotic symptoms (lost the ability to read in the morning etc), which got me to finally go to the doctor and seek treatment. Now have a diagnosis of major depressive disorder with psychotic symptoms. Life is much better now I’m on 3 different psych meds. Regret letting things get that bad before talking to a healthcare professional. So I guess the lesson is that sometimes a good crisis is needed in life to catalyse change.” — borp11

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9. More Social Time Online

“I’ve been talking with friends a lot more, ironically, organising games with friends from uni mostly but also meeting new people online and playing games with them. And with uni classes, the randomised breakout rooms that most subjects run makes me interact with new people where normally I’d probably just sit with the same people each week.” — Osariik

10. Themed Weekends

“I’ve really embraced how much fun you can make from things you have in your home. My partner and I have themed weekends with drinks, dress ups and cuisine of a different country every weekend.” — yepyepyep222

11. Working From Home

“I had a baby in October. I was pregnant during the bad lockdowns in Melbourne. My partner couldn’t come in for ultrasounds or appointments. I never got involved in a mom group. But… my partner is working from home now, and can work any hours he pleases, so he works at night and hangs out with our daughter and I during the day. I think it’s really special she gets both of us during such a critical time in her development and I really do think it made a big difference.” — Shimmerstorm

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12. Catching Up On TV

“Watched every single DC animated film and most of the animated tv shows since I missed out on that as a kid as we didn’t have cable.” — HummusFairy

13. Building Projects

“The cubby house that I spent $1500 on materials and six months building has paid for itself as the missus has been using it as a home office.” — wotmate

14. Working On The Garden

“My lawn and garden are immaculate!” — MattSpew

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15. Focusing On The Present

“For the first time in nine years, I haven’t woken up with a sense of dread and anxiety over all the things I need to get done, then gone to sleep with 1000 things going through my head that I need to do tomorrow. Today I sat on a bench in my yard for ages looking at the bees in the flowers and didn’t feel a sense of guilt that I wasn’t being productive. It was really nice.”

Featured Image: Unsplash