21 Gay People Share The Best—And Worst—Reactions They Got When They Came Out

Coming out as LGBTQ+ can be a harrowing experience. Even if you feel like you have a good idea of whether someone will react negatively or positively to the news, the specifics of that reaction can surprise or even scar you. 

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Of course, many societies are becoming more accepting, leading to more coming out stories that end on a happy note, leaving most of us with a mixed bag of stories ranging from narrow-minded relatives suddenly convinced we’re going to hell to friends ready to throw a whole freaking parade to pure neutral acceptance — because everybody else figured it out years earlier.

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Whatever the end result, every LGBTQ person has at least a handful of best and worst coming out stories that they’ll never forget, and Redditors have been swapping tales for everyone’s shared amusement and commiseration. Here are some of the best:

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Dad was just like “welp at least you won’t get pregnant” lmao



My dad’s “I also like women” has to be my favourite.



Worst was being told it was like their son had died.

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i told my dad i thought i was trans and he started crying and told me i’d be an ugly girl lol



“Your brain tumour is making you gay, so once you’re treated you’ll be straight.”

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I nervously sent my sister a meme about being bisexual. Her response was “same”. Funniest waste of adrenaline ever, ngl.



I tried the “my dad is here picking me up, but btw I’m gay see you later Mom” thing. She said she’s known since I was 4.

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I originally came out as gay and then again as bi, so yeah a bit strange. But my mum takes the cake with the classic “Maybe I’ll get some grandkids yet”



My mom just started crying and screaming that I’m the reason for her needing therapy. She’s quite accepting now, still hurts looking back though.

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I came out [as trans] to my little bro towards the end of the year. His response was: ‘Are you sure you’re not taking the whole “new year, new me” thing a bit far?’



My mom was shocked and the first thing she said as she started bawling was “Oh no! And your father and I made you play rough sports!”

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The best I’ve ever gotten was a round of applause from every single member of my family after 2 years of telling me I’m gay and me denying it….thanks family, now I realise myself



nervously: I’m gay

mom: girl, you came out of a closet with no door

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“Hey Dad… Umm, im Gay”

“Hi Gay, Im Dad, and i Support your choices”



Me to my mother: “Ma, I like this girl in school”

Mother: “You remember Theresa? We’re dating”

Me: ????????????

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Worst: My mom told me and my siblings that it’s a phase, so “we should all ignore it.” That was 10 years ago, and we’re all cool now. Messed with my head a lot early on, and I still have some damage to mend for myself. My uncle and aunt told me in front of my grandma that I’m awful and will burn in hell for being sinister. I don’t talk to them anymore.

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My sister was the best, just because I was so worried on how she would respond. When I told her, her response was, “Cool. Do you know when mom is going to get more snacks?”



Best: my sister, she just laughed and went “cool! Why don’t you dress better?”

Worst: my dad, still haven’t finished the conversation. He said he’d come into my bedroom later to finish our talk, been 18 years now.



My sister: Yay, I always wanted a gay brother!

Me: You realize that you always had one, right? I’m not suddenly going to change my personality and enjoy shopping with you.

Her: Awww.

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Worst- My sister outed me when I was around 22, in front of my racist/homophobic mother during dinner. My mum didn’t say a word, just picked up her plate and went to the kitchen…

Best- told my best friend. Cried. She stayed the night, we had pizza, drinks and watched a film. She slept in my bed, just like she did before. Nothing changed.

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Worst reaction was my mom saying “I can’t deal with this today” and hanging up the phone.

Best reaction was seeing my brother the day after I came out on Facebook. I asked him, carefully, if he’d seen the post.

“I did!” He said cheerfully. “That’s okay, I like girls, too! Especially this one!” And kissed his wife.