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Kim Kardashian Offers Support To Trucker Sentenced To 110 Years In Accident That Killed Four

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Kim Kardashian is tweeting her support for Rogel Aguilera-Mederos, and the petition calling for clemency after the truck driver was sentenced to 110 years in jail for his part in a crash in Colorado that killed four people. In April of 2019, Aguilera-Mederos was driving an 18-wheeler when he lost control of the truck’s brakes. He passed a runaway truck ramp and crashed into traffic.

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Many believe that Aguilera-Mederos’ sentence is far beyond what he should serve for his culpability in the crash. Kim Kardashian is one of them.

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She started tweeting about Aguilera-Mederos’ case, explaining he wasn’t under the influence of drugs or alcohol, his brakes simply failed.

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“Another shocking and unfair part of this case is that the judge didn’t want to sentence him to such a lengthy sentence,” she added. “However, because of the mandatory minimums in Colorado, his hands were tied. Mandatory minimums take away judicial discretion and need to end.”

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Kardashian also tweeted about how the case’s prosecutor celebrated their win in a way that made a joke of the situation, which was totally inappropriate.

“Rogel has a life sentence for the accident, which will not only destroy his life, but it will also impact his wife and son’s life,” Kim tweeted. “And yet, for some reason the prosecutor thought it would be funny to post a photo of a brake shoe trophy she received from a colleague with a plaque? Makes me so sick.”

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The petition for the driver reads, in part:

The trucking company has had several inspections since 2017, with several mechanical violations.  There are many things Rogel could have done to avoid the courts, but he took responsibility showed up and severely apologized to the victims families. Some of the families even offered Forgiveness. Rogel is not a criminal, the company he was working for knew the federal laws that go into truck driving but they failed to follow those laws. Rogel has said several times that he wishes he had the courage to crash and take his own life that day, this tragic accident wasn’t done with Intent, it wasnt a criminal act, it was an accident. 

The Colorado Governor Jared Polis has not yet revealed if they will consider clemency in the case, but Kim’s support on the issue might be more influential than a lot of us would guess.